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HT Episode 10: Sweet SEXteen! Booyah!

May 31st, 2011

R.J. gets laid. With Amy. Ya Baby! That’s how you ring in your Sweet Sixteen. Better yet the whole of Pinkerton High finally puts Max Owens in his place at R.J.’s Anti-Max party.

The threat of getting no sex on your bday will make you do crazy things, yes?

Check out what you missed HERE and then read on for the full recap below.

Max Owens is a D**K. After being humiliated in front of his girlfriend Amy on his birthday, R.J. reveals Max has pretty much done this every year. Amy, ever the supportive girlfriend, tells R.J. if he wants to bone down, he’s gotta bone up.

And that’s how the Anti-Max party was born. Lily, Miles, Hamilton (Lily’s boytoy), Jenny and Amy all get together to throw R.J. the best party ever and have it be Max free (complete with Max effigy burnings!). Amy even offers to have her band play for R.J.

Now that’s just all kinds of awesome!!

Of course R.J. has to stick it to Max where it hurts (dontcha just hate testosterone sometimes?) and announces his plans on the school P.A. system. Max, now with a place and time of the event, rallies Robin and the rest of the jocks to crash the party.

On the flipside, Momma Berger and Coach Jeriba are getting closer and closer…until the night of R.J.’s party. Amy was performing, R.J. and friends were jamming – it was perfect. But his parents got on stage and started telling everyone how R.J. was conceived.

Nasty? Hell yes. But necessary? Yes, for Daddy and Momma Berger realized they still care about each other. Especially when Daddy Berger saved Momma Berger from pelted eggs coming their way.

Where did the eggs come from?

Max. The jocks started throwing food, knocking over tables, whipped eggs, pushing everyone around. It was horrible. After Amy took an egg to the face, R.J. did the unthinkable and stood up to Max. Showing him everyone was at the party because they HATE him was enough to drive him off.

It was also enough to turn Amy ON!

With the party over, Amy and R.J. finally get around to blowing the candles off the cake…and GET LAID!

Happy Sweet Sixteen R.J.! Woo Whoo!

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