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HT Episode 3: Schorgy!

April 12th, 2011

Sophomore lock-in means one thing – orgies, hormones, and clothing optional. Mix in some Middle Eastern, drugged-out biscotti cookies and you’ve got your-self a PAR-TAY! (of course we don’t condone this behaviour…but eh, when in Rome!!).

Check out the wild night of drugs, sex, and Paris Hilton right HERE and then click for the full rundown on all that went down on The Hard Times Of R.J. Berger.

Schorgy: a school sanctioned orgy for the students. And that is really all you need to know about the episode!

R.J. Berger finally has the girl of his dreams, Jenny Swanson, in his hands. After taking her out on her first date last week, he finds out she’s still a virgin this week. Since the upcoming sophomore lock-in screams sex, R.J. and Jenny are feeling tonight’s THE NIGHT!

Miles Jenner has the same plans, and brings some of his brother’s biscotti cookies from the Middle East. Little does he know these are heavily drugged cookies that cause mass hallucinations. And for a while, it’s all good.

Max Owens and Robin Pretnar, the new power couple, are stripping down to their skivvies and rubbing up on each other…and everybody else. And they want as many people to “feel the love” as they call it (AKA group sex!). After all, didn’t you see how many biscotti’s Miles shoved in Robin’s mouth!

But before the show because a triple X flick……the drug effects take a turn for the worse.

Jenny, high as a kite on Canada Day, peels off her lady panties and shows R.J. the goods (slowly but surely R.J. is getting his girl!). But not tonight as R.J. realizes Jenny would never do this normally…and then she passes out in his lap.

Knowing something’s up, R.J. goes down to release all the sophomores before they can tear each other up (and not in the good way). Miles hallucinates Paris Hilton herself enters the sophomore lock-down…only to morph into the devil and scare the BEJEZZUS out of him!

R.J. manages to free the doped up students and everyone spends the rest of the night PO’d in front of the school. But R.J. and Jenny are closer than ever as Jenny finds out R.J. didn’t take advantage of her.

Moral of the story – enroll at Pinkerton High just for the sophomore lock-in!! Schorgy!!

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