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HT Episode 4: Damn Girl! What Happened To Your Face?

April 26th, 2011

Jenny Swanson didn’t just get smacked with the ugly stick. She got her a** whooped by the ugly stick. And that’s all you need to know about episode 4 of Hard Times.

But there are some really sweet moments in there as well…from Lily of all people!

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, WTF? We’re like on Episode 6 already! You can watch it HERE. Then read on for the full debrief below.

Jenny Swanson never had a zit in her life. Boy did that change when a big red one sprouted up overnight, right before the cheer-leading yearbook photos.

Now Jenny has a major dilemma – show her face or not. What would you do?

That might be the fear of most popular girls, but for her new boyfriend R.J., it’s not the end of the world. Cue the realization they have nothing in common.

Should R.J. knock her down a peg or two?

R.J. doesn’t get why this is a big deal for Jenny. Meanwhile, Jenny has to deal with harassment from ex-BF Max and his new girlfriend Robin.

Robin is also gunning for head cheerleader, Jenny’s current position. And Jenny knows having a face full of zits is not the way to keep that job.

But the strangest help comes of Lily. Rich with hundred dollar bills flying every which way (she just received her settlement money from getting hit by the bus last season) she makes it into the “IT” crowd with Robin and her friends.

But, just like R.J., she’s not used to this world, and when she gets a glimpse of what it’s like, she realizes what Jenny goes through, and convinces R.J. that no matter if they understand it or not, they need to help her get through it.

Now that’s what friends are for.

R.J. manages to get her out of the school dressed up as their team mascot, and brings her to his place to get cleared up and stay out of sight. His healthy collection of zit creams do wonders too.

Haha – and Jenny slipped and fell and crashed into a locker on her way out. Hahaha!

And Lily gets her revenge on Robin for Jenny by switching the entire cheerleaders’ make-up with stuff that causes breakouts. Now everyone’s ugly.

Moral of the story: Zits are not fun. For anyone.

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