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HT Episode 7: Ola Estaban!

May 4th, 2011

Weezer, tutor-pooter, guns and snuggies. Who says a nerd’s life is dull? R.J. literally dodges bullets and sneaks around to score tickets for an awesome first date with Amy. But it pays off.

It totally pays off.

Watch the magic that was guest-stars Weezer right HERE, then click for the full recap below.

Weezer comes to Pinkerton. In case any of you missed the in-joke, “Pinkerton” is the name of Weezer’s sophomore album from ’96. The creators loved the album, named the fictional setting as Pinkerton and when the band found out, they watched the joy, loved it, and decided to get in on it.

And now we have the episode titled “You, me and Weezer”. Isn’t it nice how that worked out?

Anyways, Weezer comes to Pinkerton. Realizing his nerdy ways (hahaha – playing Call of Duty) won’t win over an older, cooler girl like Amy, he decides to take her to see Weezer in concert! Miles, of course, tags along too (he’s hoping to bang some chicks wearing nothing but a snuggie).

Only snag – the show is 21+. Good thing the coach is tapping R.J.’s mother.

Jeriba (I didn’t know that was the coach’s name until this episode!) makes him a deal – help him get with Momma Berger and he’ll help him get with Amy.

R.J. lies to the coach, and then walks away with his help on scoring fake IDs. But Jeriba’s idea of “help” is sending him to a crack-house on Chunte street (the “h” is silent!). Dodging drug dealers, police and gunfire, R.J. (and trusty sidekick Miles) walk away with three fake IDs.

R.J., welcome to your new life as Estaban!

Now all he needs are the concert tickets and he’s all set. Knowing he’s in trouble, Jeriba scores him the tickets. R.J., feeling guilty, tells the coach he lied to him and the gift he told Jeriba to get for his mother will actually make her sick.

Jeriba, one step ahead, said he also lied to R.J. and called the police to raid the crackhouse, hoping to put R.J. in juvie so he could have Momma Berger all to himself.

Tit for tat, right? But R.J.’s no fool and tells him another lie to screw Jeriba’s romantic evening with his mother. Whomp whomp.

R.J.’s biggest challenge – actually getting into the concert when Max Owens, with his special VIP tickets, outs “Estaban!” as “R.J. Berger” and they get kicked out of line.

God bless Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell and Scott Shriner. After sneaking into the concert solo, R.J. meets the band and gets a load of their nerdy quirks: ant farms, bed wetting, playing with toy cars, and dressing up like little girls.

WTF? Oh well – they let him, Amy and Miles watch from the stage and even dedicate a song to them. And the evening ends with a make-out session between R.J. and Amy (and Lily and her thugged out man Hamilton!).

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