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HT Episode 8: R.J.’s Other Brown Knight (and that’s not racist)

May 19th, 2011

When you know your gym coach is slamming your mother while your dad’s wearing a snuggie by himself in a motel…what do you do?

You take the advice of your hottie girlfriend and force your parents to grow up.

If you missed Miles scrubbing blood off his face (how GROSS was that!) catch up on everything R.J. Berger HERE, then read on for the full recap.

R.J.’s parents are separated…but it’s their 20th Anniversary Friday night and neither one wants to be alone.

Rick Berger only has his snuggie for company and asks R.J. to chill with him at the motel and watch their favourite movie together, “The Brown Knight”. Suzanne Berger has her own snuggie – named Jeriba Sinclair.

R.J.’s coach is fully moving in on Rick’s territory. Feeling he needs to be there for both of them, he agrees to spend time with each. He tells his dad needs “time” with Amy before he comes to see him.

His girlfriend Amy knows this is a death sentence. They’re acting like kids and pulling R.J. back and forth. He needs to tell them to grow up and get through their problems.

Before he can do that, Jeriba gets them all drunk at Suzanne’s….and it turns into The GOOD Times of R.J. Berger! R.J.’s actually enjoying himself…until his dad shows up at the front door, crushed to see Suzanne’s moved on, R.J. ditched him, and they’re all getting along with Jeriba.

In other news, Miles joins the cheerleaders to cop some free feels off the girls on the squad…but realizes how much of a b***h Robin is to everyone on the team.

Miles got period blood on his face. That’s how mean Robin is. NASTINESS!!

Robin connives to injure Jenny and gets her kicked off the squad. But it’s Miles who gets the last word in, taking Jenny away from the “Psycho-hoe Beast” AKA Robin.

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