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HT Episode 9: R.J.’s Having The Ride Of His Life

May 19th, 2011

So what if you’re dad works for a male-strip club called Hunkeez and drives a car with a man’s junk on the hood and brings you inside the club as he strips for the audience in a tight black speedo in front of your girlfriend?

The important thing is you passed your driver’s test.

Only in the world of R.J. Berger. Relive the madness HERE then click for the full recap.


R.J. asks his dad for driving lessons. Why? So he can enjoy the backseat with his girlfriend. But he needs to earn his driver’s permit first.

His hopes of learning behind the wheel of his dad’s wicked red mustang are broken when Rick Berger tells his son he hocked it for money. Now he’s driving a black SUV decked out with images of naked men all over town.

And free chicken wing meals at the male-strip club, Hunkeez.

After a half decent lesson with his father, Rick invites for food at Hunkeez. But since they would rather drop dead than step foot into a male-strip club, they decline.

R.J.’s dad, still hurt about his son abandoning him on his anniversary, goes in sad and by himself.

Guilty, they follow him inside (Miles a little too eager to get inside quickly). But things go from embarrassing to downright crazy as R.J. gets mistaken for a stripper named Harry Hotter, and gets ordered to strip on stage.

Before he can show all the desperate housewives his junk, his dad saves the day and takes his place…and strips.

And I mean strip strips – down to his tight-flamed designed black speedos. Amy calls it and officially says R.J.’s family is more messed up than hers. But she loves R.J. anyway, and gives him a kiss. Miles gets a hard-on instead…from Mr. Berger!

After his number, Rick and Company do a “strip and dash” and run away with the money, R.J. in the driver’s seat.

Later on (or the next day, who cares) R.J. passes his driver’s test, his dad gets his mustang back. He gives it to R.J. for safekeeping at the house and lets him take Amy for a spin.

Now that’s parenting!

In other news, Lily and Jenny take some much needed girl time after Robin taunts them in the girls washroom. Make-overs, boy talk, R.J. talk, and realizing Robin’s not the friend Jenny thought she was – these girls are officially friends!

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