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HT Season 2 Finale: W-T-F!

June 1st, 2011

Okay, so last episode we had major, major reveals. But the finale? Even-freaking-more! They’ve totally set up a whole new season with new relationships, drama, and R.J.’s ever-busy pecker!

For the full low-down, watch it here, then read on for the full debrief of The Hard Times of R.J. Berger.

An unlikely friendship, a new mortal enemy, and a bundle of trouble are just some of the big reveals R.J. shot out on the finale of Hard Times.

Jeriba’s going to propose to Momma Berger. It’s a good thing he was cocky enough to tell “son” R.J…..’cause R.J. ran straight to Daddy Berger for reinforcements.

After getting the beat-down from Jeriba, R.J. reminds his dad to use his strengths. He’s an English teacher. Knowing what he’s got to do…Daddy interrupts Jeriba’s proposal with a dirty poem he wrote for his wife after their first date.

Jeriba, defeated, swore he’d make the next year of R.J.’s life miserable as hell. R.J. didn’t miss a beat and said he could live with that.

I wonder if he’ll be able to live with the memory of his parents have sex right behind him after he got them back together. NASTINESS!

The day to place votes for Mr. and Mrs. Pinkerton arrived, and R.J. and Jenny both have their secret plans to win.

But R.J.’s win isn’t the title. It’s Amy. As he makes his speech, he tells the entire school how much she means to him. And that’s all it took. If only Amy had listened to him all the other times he tried to tell her.

Jenny’s plan is even sweeter. She got Robin pissed and bitching about all the losers at Pinkerton High…and played the conversation after Robin and Max won Mr. and Mrs. Pinkerton.

With the entire school in an uproar, Jenny and R.J. were named Mr. and Mrs. Pinkerton 2011.

Max, always ready to beat the living snot out of R.J…put his fists down when R.J. revealed he knew his little secret. After R.J. won, Max thanked R.J. for not using his secret to win. He did enforce he’ll always be R.J.’s bully, and R.J. wouldn’t have it any other way.

The unlikely friendship? Max and R.J. The new mortal enemy? Jeriba Sinclair. The bundle of trouble?

Lily was missing all the take-down action during R.J. and Jenny’s win. After wondering where the hell she was, she had to break the news to Hamilton, R.J. and Amy.

She’s pregnant. And it’s R.J.’s.

Now who saw that one coming?

What’s next for R.J. and the gang? You tell me what you want to see in Season 3!

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