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Hulk Sad…..

July 12th, 2010

Norton out, Hulk in!

2012’s Avengers by Joss Whedon will be one hero (or star rather) short when the movie debuts on the big screen.

Ed Norton is out as the Hulk, according to sources at Marvel Entertainment. The cause, they say, is creative differences. However, Ed Norton reps say that Marvel chose to go in a completely different direction, and leave Ed Norton out in the cold. This makes him angry….and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry……..

Click to read more on the Avengers, and the latest casting news on X-Men.

Either way, I’m not sure this is such a bad decision. With younger men like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth playing the leads in Captain America and Thor, I can’t see a grown man like Norton taking orders from Evans (it’s already going to be a stretch seeing Robert Downy Jr. playing second-fiddle to him). I would have cast Captain America closer in age to Downy Jr. and Norton, but whattayagonnado?

However, Marvel is hinting they are already in talks to announce Norton’s replacement, (hint hint Joaquin Phoenix) and are expected to make an announcement at ComicCon at the end of July.

Joaquin Phoenix, while a rumour at this point, is much younger than Norton, and if he’s off is whole “I’m gonna attempt to be a rapper/do drugs for some reason/ruin my career” path he’s been on lately, this role could be perfect for him.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury and Don Cheadle’s War Machine are also confirmed for the Avengers movie. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is not confirmed yet, but she’s on board if the movie includes her character.

What do you think?

For X-Men news…..the team of mutants based out of Westchester, New York is looking a lot like it should be based out of England (not that I’m complaining, just making an observation).

Xavier, Magneto, Beast, Banshee, and Emma Frost are all being played by British actors. Plus, the role of Moira MacTaggart still has yet to be filled, and she’s Scottish (played by a British actress in X-Men 3). But, two Americans have now joined the cast (well, one’s in talks, but it’s a big name).

Lucas Till has been tapped to play the role of Alex Summers aka Havok aka Cyclop’s mutant brother. And the big name… Kevin Bacon. Apparently, he’s in talks to play the main villain in the movie. Who the villain is remains a mystery though…for now…..

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