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In their own words: San Sebastian on DisBand!!

May 5th, 2010

San Sebastian Talks DisBand!

Hey Buddies,

Just want to let all you know that we are overly excited for our DisBand Discovered episode tonight at 8ET/5PT. I can’t give away everything that’s going to happen because I really want you to watch it, but i’ll tell you this, there will be at least three separate shots of Sean Dawson with his shirt off. In one, he is blistering a face melting guitar solo, in the other he is swimming in a pool, and in the third…well, you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m just kidding, Sean’s shirt was on when swimming (it was a public pool, he’s shy) This show just got a lot juicier.

I’m so excited about our episode tonight, I forgot to tell you that our first single “Wake Up” is out on ITunes RIGHT NOW!!! My opinion may be a little bias, but I think it’s great. I think you might think it’s great too. I highly recommend it. If I had my own blog, i’d write a blog all about how much I love it and how you should check it out so you can be the one who tells all your friends and are then looked on as the music hero of your group – Music hero gets all the babes. This song has that ability, take action, take what’s yours, take back the title of “Music Hero” in your group of friends. Go check it out…. NOW! (and maybe give us a 5 star rating?)

As this blog post comes to a close, I just want to reiterate the fact that this episode tonight will be MuchMusic’s “Citizen Kane” ( that bitch (hint: 100%)) You don’t want to miss this event. Where are my manors, I’m sorry, i’m just excited, I’ll probably need to take a nap, but I forgot to mention that we will be live in studio watching along with you!! We’ll be there chatting and tweeting with you during every commercial break. I’m personally a great internet chat, emoticons and lol’s fly around like shooting stars in the night, and if we’re talking MSN, you know you would be getting nudged.

So come early, stay late, just don’t miss:

DisBand Discovered: San Sebastian
Tonight at 8ET/5PT

See you tonight!
-Greg/San Sebastian

To catch more of San Sebastian….wait for it…… their live interview and performance on MOD tomorrow @ 5PM ET

AND check out more DisBand news here!

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