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Inside Much: Meeting My Childhood Crush

August 15th, 2014

Photo_TBD_300CMYK - heart1

If you’re a die-hard music fan like I am, working for Much is truly the experience of a lifetime. Not only are you surrounded by music every single day, but you also get to work for one of the most fun and iconic channels in all of Canadian TV. You often have the opportunity to see, meet, or even work with artists who you truly admire. And if you’re really lucky, you may come face-to-face with your biggest childhood crush.

That’s exactly what happened to me in 2004.

I began my career at Much as a live production assistant, so I’ve worked on every live show from MOD and New.Music.Live to the MMVAs. I had only been at Much for a few months when I got the surprise of my life, courtesy of former Much VJ Jenn Hollett. One of the things Jenn and I often talked/joked about was how much we both loved New Kids on the Block, even as adults. I kept all of my old New Kids memorabilia, and Jenn kept an old New Kids lunch box at her desk (which I was so jealous she still had!). We would talk about how awesome a New Kids reunion would be. Jenn also knew that my fave New Kid was and always will be Jordan Knight (swoooooon!)

One day, when we were in the middle of MOD, Jenn came up and tapped me on the shoulder, saying “come with me Antonella, I want to introduce you to someone”. I had no clue what or who she was talking about. We were also in the middle of a live show, and I didn’t think I could step away right at that moment. But Jenn told me I HAD to, and we were in the middle of a commercial break which gave me a few minutes to play with, so I said okay and followed her.

As we made our way to the corner of the studio, a guy with dark hair had his back to me. When he finally turned around and I saw who it was, I literally got THE shock of my life – it was Jordan Knight!!!

Jordan Knight – the guy whose face was plastered all over my walls, whose name I doodled with hearts and smiley faces on countless notebooks in elementary school, the guy who I only dreamed of meeting one day – was standing right in front of me!

Jenn turned to Jordan and said, “Jordan, this is Antonella, she’s one of your biggest fans!” I wish I could have seen my face at that exact moment because my eyes were probably bugging out of my head! Jordan stuck out his hand to shake mine and said, “so nice to meet you Antonella”, with that awesome Jordan Knight smile (you know the one, ladies).

To this day I’m not exactly sure how I kept my composure. I know we talked for a couple of minutes, but I don’t remember a single thing I said to him. I imagine it was a combination of giggles, squeals and oh-my-God’s. I was a nine-year old girl all over again! But Jordan couldn’t have been nicer. When I made my way back to my desk, my face a million shades of red, all of my co-workers were laughing at me because I was actually shaking. It was a moment 15 years in the making!

*Sidenote: Four years later, in 2008, I had the opportunity to meet all FIVE New Kids when I wrangled them at the 2008 MMVAs! They had just reunited for the first time in over 10 years, and I got to hang out with them for two days. Talk about childhood dreams coming true!! 

Jordan & Antonella 2004

Every time I think about that day or tell this story to people, I describe it as a “how did I get here?” moment. Because that’s literally what I was thinking at the time. It never would have happened if I wasn’t working at Much. It also happened because even VJ’s are fans, and Jenn knew what that moment would mean to me. I remember looking at Jenn as Jordan and I were talking, and she was smiling the whole time. To this day, I simply can’t thank her enough for making one of my childhood dreams come true!

I also have to thank another co-worker, Ronda, for snapping that pic!

While this is a moment I will never forget, there are literally hundreds of past and present Much employees who have had their own once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Some of them will be sharing them right here as we lead up to the 30th anniversary of Much’s launch, so keep checking back for more incredible stories!


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