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Is Katy Perry Replacing Rihanna With Sam Smith as Her New BFF?

August 26th, 2014


We all know that award shows can be fun. And while the performances and acceptance speeches may be great, the best part of any award show is watching the audience reactions. There’s nothing better than watching candid video of celebrities shading other celebrities. And Katy Perry and Rihanna seem to be the queens of award show audience members. They’re mix of cute banter and dirty faces made any award show watchable. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see Katyanna’s best moments.

Here they are whispering secrets about Lady Gaga


And talking smack about Taylor Swift


They’re shady facial expressions were sheer perfection


giphy (1)

They weren’t afraid to hide their disdain for certain people


And their friendship gave us all toothaches

giphy (2)


Basically Rihanna and Katy Perry were the stars of any award show

giphy (4)

But sadly the two pop stars haven’t been spotted sitting beside each other at an award show in years, thanks Chris Brown. There has been a void in my heart that longs for more gifs of Rihanna and Katy being bad bitches. And Katy has definitely felt lost without a partner in crime to laugh with. Well it seems Katy can relax now that she recruited Sam Smith as her new bff. Sorry Rhi Rhi.

Katy and Sam were seated next to each other at the VMAs and the two quickly became the only audience member worth watching. While Taylor Swift and Lorde were busy awkwardly dancing, Katy and Sam were off ruling the VMA audience with their side glances and shady comments. They were The Plastics of the VMAs and no one was safe from their wrath.

Katy asked the real questions



That synchronized side eye though


And when they weren’t throwing shade they were busy being adorable

giphy (3)

Katy and Sam were clearly one of the highlights from the VMAs. Until Rihanna and Katy are reunited, I guess Sam Smith will make a good substitute. He needs to work on his eye rolling if he wants to sit with Katy though.

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