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Is The Dears’ Murray Lightburn Really A Ridiculous Diva?

August 12th, 2008


There’s a really interesting thread happening over at Stillepost about The Dears frontman Murray Lightburn and his alleged diva-dom. It’s lengthy, multi-tiered and mired in suspicious intentions so let me break the sequence of events down for you.

Whether the stories are true or part of a viral campaign remains to be seen, but either way, it’s pretty intense.

1. Someone posts a link to a recent Chart story about an upcoming album from The Dears, who, after a mass exodus of four of its members, are now made up of just Murray and his wife Natalia.

2. Another user posts, alleging that he used to intern at the studio where the new album was recorded claims to have witnessed singer Murray Lightburn (who is already renowned in the music biz as being a difficult and demanding person)’s outrageous requests and primadonna behaviour, right down to having a personal assistant named “Leopold” (seriously, how cool would it be to have a personal assistant named Leopold?!) and a ridiculous anecdote about cheese.

3. Someone (again, allegedly) contacts the former intern demanding that his post be removed from Stillepost. Everyone starts discussing their own anecdotes about Murray’s attitude and personality, with a few sprinklings of new song reviews and whether or not The Dears actually make good music.

4. Board members start to suspect that the anecdote (and former intern) are fake, and part of a viral marketing campaign surrounding the new album (Missiles)’s upcoming release on MapleMusic. The band also recently previewed a new song on their official website. Sneaky.

5. The former intern posts a YouTube video of Murray at an in-studio wine-tasting being waited on by assistant Leopold. In it we witness some diva-like behaviour. Board members suspect that the video itself is fake (Murray’s face is obscured).

So, is this a clever marketing campaign by MapleMusic and/or The Dears to hype up their new album? Is Murray himself perhaps involved, poking fun at himself? Or is this just a mudslinging by bitter, former fans?

Either way, people are talking about The Dears again and it happens to coincide with an album release that’s just around the corner. What do you think? Weak viral marketing campaign? Or is this clever as shit?

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