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“It was one of those weeks you just don’t want to end”

May 11th, 2010

San Sebastian at MOD last week!

Hey Muchmusicians,

How about last week? It was one of those weeks you just don’t want to end. Now, here we are, the week has come to an end, but we are just at the beginning of something special. I think the best part of this whirlwind has been becoming friends with you and you and you. Yeah, that’s right, i’m talking to you. You’ve made this whole thing special, and the whole band is eternally grateful. Thanks, kiddo.

Now, here we are. Everyone is familiar with “Wake Up” and everyone is feeling right. I decided to join the party and grab “Wake Up” from itunes myself, but I accidentally downloaded “Wake Up” by Hilary Duff, it was the happiest accident I ever made. As good as that song is, I like ours better.

I assume you’ve all seen the video for “Wake Up” at this point, if you haven’t, what’s holding you up, slow poke? Our good friend Hill Kourkoutis Directed it, and she did an amazing job. Making the video was too much fun, and the whole experience was amazing. It was a long day, but there were a lot of snacks there, so it kept things interesting. A lot of joe louis and sour keys were consumed. That was enough to keep me going, but that wasn’t enough for all of us, different strokes for different folks. Sean had to get a little whiskey in him to stay loose, Ted meditated between takes, Mike used the film projector used in the music video to watch old episodes of America’s Funniest Video’s and Brodie played chess with his dog Zissou (who is the dog in our Facebook picture) In the end, Brodie beat Zissou 4 games to 2, though Zissou suspects foul play.

Anyway, this blog is practically a novel, so i’ll get out of your hair. Just wanted to let you know the Album is due out in the the later part of summer. It sounds like what you would imagine your new favourite album would sound like. I’m just kidding, it’s better than that. Double kidding, I don’t know what your favourite album is, so i could never make that kind of assumption. The one thing I do know is, our “Wake Up” is ten times better than Hilary Duff’s “Wake Up”. That statement, I refuse to back down from.

See you at a show soon? Sounds good.
Greg/San Sebastian

Check out their artist profile HERE, and their video for “Wake Up” below:


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