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It’s All Love Between Drake And Rihanna

August 7th, 2014


Drake’s on-again-off-again relationship with pop star Rihanna confuses us from time to time and has got us searching the interwebs every other week just to keep tabs on whether the pair are together or not. From what we’ve gathered, the two are not a couple right now, but don’t just assume Drake is heartbroken or bitter.

In fact, the rapper took to Twitter today to shed a little light on his new album…as well as send a note to his famous ex:

This Tweet might’ve been spurred by Drake’s recent OVO performance where the number 6 flashed on the screen three times during his track Days In The East with Riri’s face in between the sixes, leaving some to believe that he was inferring her as the devil.

But just as Drake’s Tweet says, there’s nothing but love between them two. That doesn’t necessarily explain his OVO visuals, but alas, we will take his word for it that the two are on good terms.


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