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It’s Britney B–ch! The Definitive Ranking of Britney Spears’ Music Videos

August 1st, 2014


Britney Spears isn’t just a singer, cultural icon, mother of two, and pop queen; she is a goddess amoung men. Sent from a higher power to deliver catchy and addictive pop songs and flawless dance moves unto us mortals. Through her love of frappucinos and Cheetos, she has influenced the world in more ways than one. She is the icon of a generation, and finally we are ranking all of her music videos from best to worst. It’s Britney, B—ch!

38. Oh La La
This is the video all Britney fans would like to forget. Blame the Smurfs.
Memorable moment: Sean Preston and Jayden James making a cameo
Forgettable moment: Britney’s reaction to being put in the movie.

37. Kill The Lights
One cartoon video was more than enough. But we do appreciate how good Britney looks as a cartoon.
Memorable moment: Cartoon Britney flawlessly escaping the alien paparazzi.
Forgettable moment: The weird cartoon alien things.

36. Outrageous
This video was unneccesary considering Britney hurt her knee on the set. Her dancing will never be the same because of that.
Memorable moment: Britney looking like a hood rat.
Forgettable Moment: Britney licking Snoop Dogg’s beard. Gross.

35. Gimme More
Great song, terrible video. What is the premise of the video? Britney and her friends take a strip tease class? We’ll forgive Britney for this because we know how rough 2007 was for her.
Memorable moment: Britney looks like she’s having fun.
Forgettable moment: That blonde wig

34. Born To Make You Happy
Meh this video is nothing special. Britney looks good and wholesome, and the dancing is pretty good. That’s about it.
Memorable moment: Sadly, the metallic outfit.
Forgettable moment: The all-white matching long-sleeved sweater and pants. Why are you so covered up Britney?

33. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll
Rocker Britney just likes to have fun.
Memorable moment: Britney on the motorcycle.
Forgettable moment: Britney crawling on the floor.

32. Overprotected
Britney’s life is so unfair. She’s so overprotected she has to dance in an abandoned loft.
Memorable moment: Britney dancing on a bunch of inanimate objects.
Forgettable moment: The blue tinted sunglasses. Bye.

31. Sometimes
This video is filled with ‘90s pop cheesiness. The all-white background dancers, the cute boy, Britney on the beach. Oh it was a simpler time.
Memorable moment: Britney as a fresh faced youth.
Forgettable moment: That heart shaped dance.

30. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
Thanks Britney for making us believe that all first loves could be this beautiful. He was too late to say goodbye. *Sad emoji*
Memorable moment: Britney on the tire swing.
Forgettable moment: Sad Britney.

29. 3
The video is pretty simple but how good does Britney look in that white bathing suit?
Memorable moment: Britney sandwiched between two girls.
Forgettable moment: Britney’s hair. Couldn’t someone run a comb through it?

28. Perfume
Britney still has a thing for the hot bad boys. It’s not a terrible video; it’s just that nothing really happens.
Memorable moment: Britney in her underwear
Forgettable moment: Britney playing the other woman.

27. Someday (I Will Understand)
Here’s a pregnant Britney looking like an ethereal beauty. Flawless.
Memorable moment: Britney touching her baby belly.
Forgettable moment: The landscape shots.

26. Radar
Britney cleans up nice. From stripper to classy polo match watcher. So she ditched rich guy for the stable boy. Get it girl.
Memorable moment: Britney’s hat
Forgettable moment: Washing the horse.

25. Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)
Why were there two videos for this song. Regardless this was much better. Britney’s just out to have fun. And that party limo.
Memorable moment: Britney making elevators fun.
Forgettable moment: Britney’s orange denim skirt and long sleeved sheer crop top.

24. Criminal
Here we see Britney, going from fancy socialite to full blown criminal thanks to her bad boy boyfriend, who was played by Britney’s then fiancé Jason Trawick. Soon they become a modern day Bonnie and Clyde hiding from the cops. They really should be arrested for Britney’s acting.
Memorable moment: That sex scene.
Forgettable moment: Britney’s acting.

23. My Prerogative
This was Britney’s response to marrying K-Fed. Although we still don’t respect your decision, we totally respect this song and video.
Memorable moment: Dancing on a car in a pool.
Forgettable moment: Kevin Federline

22. Break The Ice
So why haven’t they made an anime about Britney? Only Britney could create an all cartoon music video.
Memorable moment: Anime Britney kicking butt.
Forgettable moment: The fact that the video has nothing to do with the song.

21. Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
Britney and this guy are shipwrecked on an island and basically frolick on the beach and kiss instead of finding help. It’s basically soft-core porn but it’s cute and Britney looks amazing.
Memorable moment: Britney in a bikini top and short shorts.
Forgettable moment: The guy’s super long board shorts.

20. I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
The lead single from Britney’s cinematic masterpiece Crossroads gave us one of the most beautifully cheesy videos. Something about singing on top of a mountain that makes Britney look so good.
Memorable moment: Britney’s abs
Forgettable moment: The cheesy mountain top shots

19. If U Seek Amy
Only Britney could hide a brothel in a wholesome cul de sac. She looks amazing and her dancing makes everything okay. Extra points for the clever title.
Memorable moment: The little girl is dressed like Britney in the Baby One More Time Video.
Forgettable moment: Britney dressed as a Stepford wife.

18. Scream and Shout
Technically this is a Will. I. Am video but Britney’s in it so it counts. This video has everything; faux British accent, multiple Britney’s , and a bunch of product placement. Oh and the fierce way Britney says “Britney B—ch”
Memorable moment: Britney’s strut.
Forgettable moment: Will. I. Am.

17. Piece of Me
This is Britney’s shout-out to the haters. We all want a piece of Britney after this.
Memorable moment: The bathroom dance sequence. I’m sure that’s what girls do it there.
Forgettable moment: The white fur jacket.

16. I Wanna Go
Again Britney shows that she ran out of Fs to give. She’s going to a flash a little and frisk a cop if she wants. You Go Britney!
Memorable moment: Britney telling everyone to go F themselves.
Forgettable moment: That guy spilling milk on himself. WTF?

15. Till The World Ends
Britney singlehandedly saved the world from 2012 with her sexy underground dance party
Memorable moment: Britney proving still she throws the hottest parties.
Forgettable moment: Britney’s red jumpsuit.

14. Boys
Another underrated song and video from Britney. Britney throws another sexy party. She even had zebras. Respect.
Memorable moment: When she rejects the guy at the pool.
Forgettable moment: Mike Myers.

13. Circus
She’s the ringleader, she makes it pop. Britney proving she still has it. Run that tight ship.
Memorable moment: Britney and the fireworks.
Forgettable moment: The signature perfume shot.

12. Hold It Against Me
This video actually wasn’t given the credit it deserved. It accurately depicted Britney’s career. Her meteoric rise to fame, her stardom, her fall from grace, her mental battle with herself, and her comeback.
Memorable moment: Britney fighting Britney.
Forgettable moment: The red lips.

11. Womanizer
Yes, Britney. You show this guy who’s in charge. No one cheats on Britney. Somehow I think all the different personas correlate to Britney’s spilt personalities.
Memorable moment: Naked Britney.
Forgettable moment: Secretary Britney. That wig did nothing for her.

10. Me Against the Music
Another sexy underground party, but this Time Madonna is in charge. That is until Britney finds her. It’s a sexy game of hide and seek.
Memorable moment: Britney and Madonna gyrating against a wall.
Forgettable moment: Britney and Madonna dancing on a rusty bed frame.

9. (You Drive Me) Crazy
How good was this video? Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier even made a cameo. Plus there was a girls vs boys dance off.
Memorable moment: Britney’s metallic greet crop top.
Forgettable moment: Melissa Joan Hart dancing.

8. Lucky
This is the story of a girl named Lucky. We all cried for Lucky. She keeps on winning but the tears still came at night. #PoorLucky.
Memorable moment: Britney giving Lucky the mirror.
Forgettable moment: Britney’s black collared crop top.

7. Stronger
This video made everyone everywhere was jealous of a chair.
Memorable moment: The chair.
Forgettable moment: The CGI bridge

6. Work B—ch
YAASS this video is everything. Britney looks amazing and shows everyone who the HBIC is. Slay mama. Britney is a dominatrix queen. 50 Shades of Grey, more like 50 Shades of Britney. Did anyone else notice the Slave 4 U choreography.
Memorable moment: Britney whipping that girl. Cause you know that sex slave was not listening to dominatrix Britney.
Forgettable moment: Britney’s mirror in the middle of the desert.

5. Everytime
This video truly depicted the trouble in Britney’s life. Although the song was about her breakup with Justin Timberlake, the video shows how crazy the paparazzi were. Plus only Britney can make every time one word.
Memorable moment: Britney running down the hall in a white blouse.
Forgettable moment: Britney dying. I was not emotionally prepared for that.

4. Oops! …I Did It Again
We should all thank Britney for making space cool. It’s because of this video that they created the Mars Rover right? That red latex outfit though.
Memorable moment: The obvious Titanic reference.
Forgettable moment: The guy moon walking.

3. I’m a Slave 4 U
This was the moment Britney went from teen singer to full blown sex symbol. It was hot and sweaty and makes everyone want a cold shower. And the dancing was on point. I know you tried learning the choreography.
Memorable moment: The lick.
Forgettable moment: The fact that it ended.

2. Toxic
This video was everything. Britney as a stewardess, Britney as a secret spy, Britney poisoning a man. UGH, I can’t right now.
Memorable moment: Britney in the nude coloured sequined body suit. Iconic.
Forgettable moment: Like there is any.

1. Baby One More Time
Of course this is Britney’s greatest music video of all time. This one video skyrocketed her to superstardom and made her the Queen she is today. Every one wore their hair in pigtails and wore pink furry scrunchies after this. #BritneyForever
Memorable moment: Britney’s school girl outfit.
Forgettable moment: Nothing this video is flawless.


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