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It’s time for the Biebs to grow up

July 22nd, 2011

Justin Bieber isn’t even 18 years old, yet he is experiencing a little case of burnout.

Bieber, who has stated he is taking a month off, told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, “It’s been great to just think and enjoy hanging out with my friends.” I’m sure it’s been even greater for his 17-year-old friends who can potentially hop on the payroll instead of working at the mall for the summer. Yacht beats steam cleaning polo shirts every time.

I imagine a typical conversation on the Bieber yacht might go something like this:

“Guys, did you hear his voice crack? Should we say something?”

“No, pretend it didn’t happen and pass me some more cavier please.”

Bieber also said:

“I’m still growing up, and when you’re working every day, you don’t really get a chance to figure out who you are,” he explained. “So with the time off, I’m able to think, pray and just kind of grow up.” Biebs is really pre-occupied with this wild notion of “thinking”. What if Justin Bieber is actually a nuclear physicist parading as a teen star and his “hat hair” is a shield to avoid anyone stealing his secrets.

In other related news, Justin’s fragrance “Someday” has become the biggest celebrity fragrance launch on record which is really not surprising. If anyone knows what his young female fans smell like it’s Justin Bieber, the essence of crazed combined with increased hiring of security.

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