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James Franco once egged a house and wrote a really nice apology

September 10th, 2013


James Franco has been making the rounds at TIFF this week in support of his films Palo Alto and Child of God, but before Franco was an international movie star, he was a teenager. And sometimes, teenagers do really dump things.

Today the internet is learning that one dumb thing Franco did was egg a neighbors house when he was a 14 year old living in Palo Alto, California. Franco, who then went by the name Ted Franco (‘scuse me, mind being blown right now) wrote an apology to his victim, Michael Phillips Moskowitz, stating that he was ‘careless and not thinking’. Moskowitz, who moved recently, found the letter from 1992 in his basement and posted it on a recent Bureau of Trade newsletter, of which Moskowitz is the CEO.

Check out the letter below and let it sink it that James Franco went by Ted for the first two decades of his life.



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