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Jane Magazine Ceases Publication

July 10th, 2007


I am very upset. One might even say inconsolable.

Over the weekend I was reading the latest issue of Jane magazine and as I repeatedly giggled to myself in between anecdotes and clever captions I thought to myself, “wow, I love this magazine so much more than any other! It’s consistently funny AND cool. I covet everything in its pages. It’s my dream to work at Jane someday.”

So yesterday before coming to work I approached the daunting task of sorting through my thousands (yes) of magazines to pick out the last year of Jane issues so that I might have some interesting reading material on my commute to work.

You can imagine how upset I was to read the news yesterday that after ten years, Jane is ceasing publication. In fact, by the time you read this blog, the staff of Jane has probably already packed up and gone home for good. And the website will be shut down imminently. This is a sad day.

Before Jane existed, I was a Sassy subscriber for six years. I still have all of my issues, many of which are rumoured to be worth big bucks on eBay. But I won’t ever sell them! Jane, like Sassy, was whipsmart, funny and eerily relevant to my life.

I’ve been an on & off subscriber to Jane for nearly a decade. The times that I wasn’t a subscriber, I was hungrily buying issues off the newsstands the moment they came out.

Founder Jane Pratt, who you may remember as the brainchild behind both Jane (ha!) and Sassy in the 90s, left as editor-in-chief mid-2005, and some say that the magazine never recovered from her departure.

After yesterday’s announcement, she had this to say:

It’s an interesting and sad day. The general idea of me leaving and bringing a fresh team in was simply not executed successfully. I would have loved to have stayed on and helped select a new staff that could further the basic vision of the magazine. […] You can see what happens when I leave.

First Sassy, then ELLEgirl, and now Jane – all have folded. Where have all the great girl mags gone? And what exactly are they making room for? At least we still have Shameless. Who, by the way, have something to say about Jane’s demise.

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