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Jennifer Lopez responds to Jennifer Lawrence’s dance diss story

May 20th, 2014

jlo responds

Last week, Jennifer Lawrence went on The Tonight Show to pick a bone with Jimmy Fallon. The story that unfolded involved the Met Gala, jello shots, and getting shut down by Jennifer Lopez. When the pair devised a plan to invite J.Lo to the dance floor with them, Fallon aborted the mission upon seeing her bodyguard warn him, but left Lawrence alone to pull off the dance move invite. Needless to saw, Lawrence was mortified.

Lopez has a slightly different side of the story, though, as she reveals on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet. When asked about that incident, Lopez assures everyone that she didn’t flat out object to dancing with Lawrence and Fallon, but instead politely declined to move from her comfy spot for fear of the rowdy crowd. Fair excuse, Lopez!

But of course, Lopez admits that she loves Lawrence and would totally dance with her. Phew, beef squashed! Now let’s make this dance party happen!

Watch the interview below:

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