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Jesse: A Phoenix and Cobra Weekend

December 7th, 2009

Phoenix rocks it

So I’m sitting in MuchMusic at my desk right now as Hedley is setting up and Jacob is jamming on the piano. Sounds wicked. Back to work, I’m currently listening to 30 Seconds To Mars – This Is War, prepping to interview Jared Leto in a few weeks, thinking how I haven’t updated the blog in so long. I’m sorry. I’ve been running around all over going to shows every night, filming here and there. I try and stay busy, sometimes too busy. Let’s recap the weekend.

Saturday: I had a much needed day of rest and pretty much did just that. I slept for most of the day recouping from a week of little or no sleep.

Went and saw PHOENIX with special guests Holy Fuck at the Sound Academy. Amazing show. It felt like every song was a hit, or at least I could sing every song. Maybe that’s because I listened to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix on repeat this summer while driving down to California. You know when you listen to something so much while doing a certain activity. Now whenever I listen to it I’m reminded of surfing the coast of Cali and skateboarding along the boardwalks. Always good memories to be reminded of.

After the show we went with Phoenix to a little after party with their friends from Arts&Crafts. Definitely one of my favorite labels. Great people, promoting great music. I have a tendency to find labels and stick with them. I like to watch who labels sign and what direction they move in, always thinking of the label as a kind of family. How does one band complement the other and such. Anyways, that’s a little too much about my thoughts. Forgive me for my ramblings… and they continue…

I ended up getting home at 4am only to realize I’d lost my keys somewhere along the night’s journey (so somewhere, someone has found keys to my house). Just as I arrived my phone died, and my roommate was working which meant I was locked out for a while. Luckily the super let me into the building but wouldn’t open up my place. Long Story. Anyway, I ended up crashing outside my apartment for a few hours on the floor. Lets just say it didn’t make for good sleep.

Sunday: woke early to head to Buffalo to hang with Cobra Starship at Kissmas Bash 09. Unfortunately some confusion with times meant we missed Sean Kingston, Hey Monday and everyone else. We were able to catch a little Cobra and just in time to head backstage to hang. It’s been 2 years since I was last on tour with Cobra, but great to catch up with them. So much fun anytime they’re around. Gabe is full of life lessons. He has to be one of the smartest guys in the music business. Pitched some ideas to them for upcoming TV shows. What do you think of this idea, Cooking with Cobra? For a new show. I think it would be hilarious. If you didn’t know, Alex is actually an amazing cook (also has a wicked side project with Ryland called This Is Ivy League). YouTube that. You’ll have to wait for the show. Anyway, a few hours later and one after party and a stretch Hummer limo later I’m back on the way to Canada.

Here I am a few hours later trying to focus and get prepped for the week ahead. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. I’ll try and keep this more frequent. I’m just putting the final touches on a few other entries. Keep in touch. Find me on twitter (@jessegiddings) if you want to chat, or leave comments here.


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