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‘Jury Duty 2: Even Jurier’ Hits London

April 27th, 2010


Hey Team! Darrin Rose here, from Video On Trial and Love Court. Eddie Della Siepe and I are taking our Jury Duty 2: Even Jurier stand up tour to London, Ontario this weekend. And it got me to thinking… London stole its name from the city in England. But, sometimes stealing isn’t bad – there’s all kinds of thievery going on in pop culture. Here are some of my favourite pop culture thefts:

• When Kristen Stewart stole Taylor Swift’s acting abilities – it’s like watching a wax figure act. (Have you seen The Runaways? TERRIBLE movie. And don’t get me started on New Moon. )
• When New Moon stole the plot of the first Twilight. It was exactly the same, but with werewolves! (See, you got me started!)
• When Amy Winehouse stole Tara Reid’s sense of self control
• When Lady Gaga stole the Muppet’s closet, and combined it with a bunch of stuff she pilfered from the Louvre
• When Drake stole the title of best rapper from the Lil Wayne/Jay Z/Eminem triumvirate – a feat which is all the more impressive when you realize two years ago he was on Degrassi: TNG! Bla-ow!

If you’re in London, hopefully you can make it out the show! Check out our other tour dates (click here) and follow us on Facebook – click here for Darrin and click here for Eddie.

Upcoming tour dates:

April 29- May 1: London, ON, Yuk Yuks
May 6 – 8: Oakville, ON, Yuk Yuks
May 21-22: Kitchener, ON, Yuk Yuks
May 29: Sudbury Comedy Festival

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