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Jury Duty 2: Even Jurier

April 15th, 2010

Darrin. Eddie. Welcome To Your Dreams.

Hey Team! It’s Darrin Rose here, from Video on Trial and Love Court. My comedy consort Eddie Della Siepe and I are about to embark on a national stand-up comedy tour. It’s the sequel to the very fun tour we did last year – it’s called Jury Duty 2: Even Jurier.

It got us to thinking about movie sequels… This year there are tons of movie sequels coming out – Iron Man 2, the new Harry Potter, Stomp the Yard 2 (Of course. I think any time you have a movie where your two biggest stars are Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, you have to make a sequel. Although it should be called Stomp the Yard 2: Chris Brown Is The Yard). So Eddie and I thought of a few movie sequels we’d like to see:

• Iron Man 3: Irony Man
• Twilight III: The One Where They Die
• Bring It On Again, Harder This Time
• The Hangover: Saskatoon
• Megan Fox and Rihanna Make Out II

Okay, so they never made Megan Fox and Rihanna Make Out 1, but if any movie ever demanded an automatic sequel…

Hopefully you can make it out to a show when we’re in your town! We kick off the tour this weekend in Barrie, Ontario (just bragging). But we’ll go from St. John’s to Vancouver, so we’ll be in your hood, yo!

Check out our tour dates and follow us on Facebook: Darrin and Eddie.

Upcoming tour dates:

April 15-17: Barrie, ON, Yuk Yuks
April 29- May 1: London, ON, Yuk Yuks
May 6 – 8: Oakville, ON, Yuk Yuks

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