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Jury Duty 2: Even Oakville-ier

April 30th, 2010


Hello, my beautiful babies! It’s Eddie Della Siepe here, from Video On Trial and Love Court. My MuchMusic cohort Darrin Rose (the one with the beard – he’s rugged, son!) and I are taking our Jury Duty 2: Even Jurier stand up tour to Oakville, Ontario May 6-8th!

I did a little research, and found out that Oakville is more than just immaculate mansions and malls – they have a Waterfront Festival! And it was headlined by Karl Wolf and Danny Fernandes last year!

Unfortunately, due to lack of profits the festival is canceled for 2010. So I’ve compiled a list of Canadian artists that would have been great to perform at this year’s (non-existent) Waterfront festival:

1) Justin Bieber – This kid’s on fire! He’s everywhere. Even my mom knows who he is! I’m sure all those Oakville girls would pay anything for a chance to see/touch his boyish hair helmet. (I only make fun because I’m jealous! Touch my hair, Oakville!)

2) Stereos – They’re a huge band, they’re Canadian, and any guy who uses Autotune while rocking my mom’s haircut is okay with me!

3) David Guetta – I know he’s not Canadian, but he’ll do a song with anyone. So I suggest a duet with Canada’s Lady Antebellum. They’re a country band, and he looks like a slimy techno/dance version of Owen Wilson! What could be better?!

City of Oakville, get some funding and let’s get music back in the burbs!

If you’re in Oakville, hopefully you can make it out to our show! Check out our other tour dates here and follow us on Facebook: click here for Darrin and click here for Eddie.

Upcoming tour dates:

May 21-22: Kitchener, ON, Yuk Yuks Comedy Club
May 29: Sudbury Comedy Festival
June 3-5 Niagara Falls, On, Yuk Yuks Comedy Club
June 9-13th Toronto, ON, Yuk Yuks Comedy Club

To reserve tickets for a show , call (800) 899-9136.

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