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Jury Duty in Kingston

May 26th, 2009


Hey Team! This is Darrin Rose from Video On Trial, alongside Eddie Della Siepe. We’re doing stand-up across the country on the Jury Duty Tour. This weekend we hit Kingston, Ontario!

Kingston is known for two things – schools and prisons. And while I love that Asher Roth song as much as everyone else, Eddie and I decided to check out the jails.

We visited the Kinston Penitentiary, where I learned that prison isn’t nearly as glamourous as Akon made it out to be. We got locked up in a cell, which I bet is only fun if you know the guard is going to let you out 10 seconds later. But we were there long enough that we felt like Andy and Red in the Shawshank Redemption. I wonder if that’s how T.I. is gonna feel. Good luck, buddy!

We also saw all the little gadgets prisoners have made on the inside. One guy made a functioning crossbow out of toothbrushes and string. It shoots forty feet! I couldn’t even get my vinegar and baking soda volcano to work in high school. A crossbow? Hot damn!

After we took the photo for the blog, we ran from the prison to a house nearby, bruised up and handcuffed, and said “do you have somewhere we can hide?” Eddie and I thought it was hilarious. They didn’t. Lesson learned.

You can see more pics from the tour here!

Next weekend we’re in Ajax, Ontario! If that’s your hood, come check us out! And if you want good karma, join our fan pages on Facebook – Eddie and Darrin.

Okay, we’re off to creep your photos on Facebook. J/k.

Upcoming shows:

Ajax, Ontario
Yuk Yuks
May 28-30

Kitchener, Ontario
Yuk Yuks
June 5-6

Vaughn, Ontario
June 11-13
Yuk Yuks

Niagara Falls, Ontario
June 18-20
Casino Niagara – Yuk Yuks

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