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Jury Duty: Kitchener

June 12th, 2009


Hey team! Darrin Rose here from Video on Trial. Eddie “Edmondo” Della Siepe and I are continuing with the Jury Duty Tour, our national stand-up comedy joke-stravaganza. This week we were in Kitchener, Ontario, aka Booze City.

Okay, it’s not really called Booze City, but it might as well be, as both of its biggest claims to fame are alcohol related.

First off, Kitchener is home to the biggest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany. Get out your beer steins and poor decision making skills, it’s party time! The fest is mostly about beer and polkas, which you don’t hear too often in the clubs anymore. Why won’t anyone come out with a dope-ass polka? If anyone will it will probably be P.Diddy, he’ll remake anything! I think people would want to pop bottles while wearing lederhosen.

Kitchener’s other boozy claim to fame involves Al Capone. He used to smuggle rum to the US from Canada, and the hotel that houses the Yuk Yuks was Capone’s Canadian hub. How cool is that? See, that was when gangster was really gangster – when it was about tommy guns and car bombs, not ice grillz and spinner rims. Although I’d rather be Lil Jon than Al Capone any day. Hh-what? Ye-ahhh!

Next up, Vaughn! Hope we see you there. Plus, we’re on Facebook, so you should visit us there! (Eddie, Darrin). You can check out more pics from the tour here!

I love you.

Upcoming dates:

Vaughn, Ontario

June 11-13

Yuk Yuks

Niagara Falls, Ontario
June 18-20

Casino Niagara – Yuk Yuks

Mississauga, Ontario

July 9-12

Yuk Yuks

Western Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver)

October 2009

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