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Jury Duty Tour: Vaughn & Niagara Falls

June 24th, 2009


Hey Gang! Eddie Della Siepe from Video On Trial here with fellow V.O.T castmate Darrin Rose. We have been doing stand up across the country on the Jury Duty tour and having a blast! Our latest stop was good ol’ Vaughan (Woodbridge), Ontario.

Vaughan has a huge Italian/ European influence, and the women are beautiful here! It was like walking through a hip-hop video, only they weren’t washing cars in bikinis or making their booty clap. It was classy, like the kind of video Andre 3000 or Shawn Desmond would make. Somewhat ballin’!!

Vaughan is a rich suburb with a lot of young people. All the kids had great cars, like in the Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Except if it starred the guys from O-Town. Boy bands are DANGEROUS.

Darrin and I also went to Canada’s Wonderland, which was dope. We hit some rides and I realized I have a high pitch scream that Darrin found “embarrassing.” I’m not sure if it was because my scream was high or because it was on the teacup ride.

Niagara Falls

Jeah! Darrin Rose here, alongside Eddie Della Siepe. Our Video On Trial Jury Duty stand-up tour brought us to Niagara Falls last week. Niagara Falls is awesome. It’s like a mini-Vegas, minus the Cirque De Soleil and the hookers. But I’ve been assured they’re working on it.

The big attraction in the Falls – besides, y’know, the Falls – is Clifton Hill, a street filled with tourist attractions, wonderment, and drunk teenagers from New York state. Since the drinking age in Ontario is 19, and the drinking age in New York is 21, you can’t swing your arms on Clifton Hill without hitting an American high school cheerleader stumbling in her high heels, or a 20-year-old dude in an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt high fiving his buddies while laughing at their buddy puking. It’s pretty classy.

But sliding though the drunken fracas to the attractions is worth it! Eddie and I went to the Crystal Maze, which is a labyrinth made up of mirrors. I didn’t think I was dumb enough to be scared of my own reflection, but it turns out I am. It was hilarious! Even today, I keep thinking “If I was high, I’d still be there.” I guess it’s an awesome place if you’re either really high or really vain. I think I saw Kanye West and Lady Gaga waiting in line.

There’s also a bunch of wax museums there. I will say this – drinking and wax museums don’t mix. You end up walking around, yelling out “I can’t believe Miley Cyrus, Barack Obama , and Lil’ Wayne are at this party……. no wait that’s Whoopi Goldberg, my bad.”

Next up, Mississauga! Bring it on, Square One! Eddie wants you to check out his Facebook page. Check out mine while you’re there!

And for more shots from our trip, check out our photographic wonderland!

I love you!
Eddie Loves you too but he just got out of a long term relationship so give him time to say it.

Upcoming dates:

Mississauga, Ontario
July 9-12
Yuk Yuks

Ottawa, Ontario
July 16-18
Yuk Yuks

Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna – October!

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