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Justin Timberlake gets back to work, Hunger Games go virtual and K Stew stars in music video

September 1st, 2011

Rihanna is suing the people who were involved in selling the singer her $6.9 million mansion in Beverly Hills in 2009. Rihanna claims her real estate agent lied about previous damage done to the home, making it susceptible to more damage during a severe storm in 2010. Mo money, mo problems

Justin Timberlake put on a free show in New York at the Southern Hospitality barbecue restaurant in Manhattan last night. While it’s been years since JT has released any new music, instead focusing on his movie career, it seems that Timberlake may finally be giving fans what they want, performing classics What Goes Around as well as two new songs. Fina-freakin-ly!

The Hunger Games have just gone viral. After fans were treated to a somewhat disappointing trailer at the MTV VMAs (the forest? That’s it?) the producers behind the film are stepping up their game by giving fans the ability to interact with The Capitol online. Fans can sign up through Twitter or Facebook and be placed in a District and receive news and updates on The Capitol. FYI, I’m in District 8 so I better get to work on my textiles.

On the Twilight soundtrack we were privy to the music styling’s of Edward Cullen himself, Robert Pattinson. Pattinson covered his good buddy Marcus Foster’s track Let Me Sign, and now Foster has released a video for his song I Was Broken starring whom? Robert Pattinson? Nope! His lady on and off screen, Kristen Stewart. She brings her emo-ness to a great track, especially if you’re a fan of Mumford and Sons. Ch-ch-c-check it.

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