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k-os Ushers In The Era of The “Camerican” Rapper

August 5th, 2014


k-os took to social media last week to question why Americans always qualify rapper with the word “Canadian” when they are talking about Canadian rappers. Not knowing the answer, he posed the question genuinely to his followers to get to the bottom of it.

So when he came through Much last week, he had the chance to elaborate. “They would never say, ‘Canadian hockey player so and so’… It’s a precursor. Why spoil that for people?” he said. “Like if someone says, ‘Oh, you’re about to get some American food,’ I might not go in to the restaurant.” But, he makes it clear that he is not dissing America, just that we tend to spoil things by giving people too much information.

“Where is Canada now?…We’re a little bit more American. They’re getting us,” he continued. “We’re definitely at the age of the Camerican. The Canadian American, that’s what’s going on. I’m not one of them.”

Check out what else he had to say below:

Check back to tomorrow for the premiere of k-os’ new video for WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand).

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