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Kanye West is not a fan of ziplining

May 2nd, 2014

sad kanye

An old photo surfaced today showing Kanye West and fiance Kim Kardashian on a trip, all geared up to go ziplining. Who doesn’t like fun, outdoor activities, right? Well, the answer is Kanye. Kanye is not a fan.

The hilarious photo below shows Kim posing with who we assume is their instructor, but Kanye looking pretty bummed in the background. As you can expect, this is now our favourite Kanye meme ever. Just look at this:

sad kanye 1

But ziplining is not the only thing Kanye doesn’t like. We have a feeling he’s not a big fan of the orchestra either…

sad kanye orchestra

Or Sea World. How he can be sad at such a wonderful place, we will never understand.

sad kanye sea world

And we’re not entirely sure if Kanye’s a fan of the Hunger Games series, but we have a feeling he wouldn’t do well in the stadium against everyone else…for starters, he’s just sitting in a chair.

sad kanye hunger games

But this is Kanye West we’re talking about. He doesn’t really need to like any of these dumb things, he’s one of the most successful rappers out there. Plus, it’s about the simple things in life. Right, Kanye?

happy kanye

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