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Update: Beach Boys not suing Katy Perry

August 5th, 2010

Update: In an interview with ET Online, Beach Boy Mike Love has expressed that he is not going after Katy Perry. “The Beach Boys are definitely not suing Katy Perry,” Love tells ET. “In fact, we are flattered that her fantastically successful song is bringing to mind to millions of people our 1965 recording of the Beach Boys’ ‘California Girls.’ We think her song is great and wish her all the success in the world.”

And there you have it.

Kinda saw this one coming.

Mike Love and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys are threatening to sue Katy Perry over a line from her hit song “California Gurls.” While the song title itself is an obvious reference to the legendary surfer pop band’s 1965 hit, it’s the line “I wish they all could be California Girls” that brought up the suit.

According to the NY Post, a rep at Rondor Music that represents the Beach Boys and owns “California Girls” sent a letter to Perry’s label Capitol arguing that her song borrows “one of the most famous lyrics in history” and that Love and Wilson deserve both a writing credit and royalties.

What’s interesting is that reps for both both Love and Wilson are claiming the lawsuit is entirely of Rondor Music’s doing. The Beach Boys themselves are actually cool with it, with Wilson’s rep going so far as to say, “Brian likes Katy’s record and doesn’t know where the situation stands.” Wilson previously told the L.A. Times, “I love her vocal. She sounds very clear and energetic . . . The melody is infectious.”

Not too long ago, Love also commented on the song to Billboard, saying: “The subject matter is still in vogue — just ask Katy Perry. I think the part she did is pretty cool. There are a lot of writers on it, and I think it’s probably a stroke of genius to have the king of canine cool, Mr. [Snoop] Dogg, do his thing. But I think her creative part, her musical part, is pretty hooky. I think it brings the Beach Boys’ 1965 classic to mind, that’s for sure.”

This all reeks of greed to us… though it is impossible to deny that without the Beach Boys’ song, Katy’s song would never have existed.

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