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Katy Perry’s Manager gets busted in ticket scalping

May 20th, 2011

According to a document obtained by the website The Smoking Gun, it looks like Katy Perry’s managers are demanding concert venues provide them with choice seats for the singer’s concerts, which her managers later resell at a profit. Annnnd shady.

Additionally, the site has obtained excerpts from Perry’s 45-page concert rider, which stipulates the requirements venues must meet for Katy’s dressing room and hotel room. Additionally, all professional drivers who are employed to chauffeur Perry to and from her concerts are subject to a few pages out of the ol’ rider book, including the stipulation that their car must have a front seat for a passenger. So, no Jetson’s cars? Seriously, what ride on four wheels doesn’t have two front seats?

Though the demands of the rider may seem outrageous to us common folk, I think the thing that shocked me the most was the number of spelling mistakes. Where’s the demand that all documents must be proofread? You can read the rider here.

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