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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom get into a Brawl

July 30th, 2014


In a lifetime there are a few fights that truly shake the world. Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman, Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II, Red Viper vs. the Mountain, and Peter Griffin vs. the chicken are just a few. But now there is a new fight that has everyone talking. It’s all about Bloom vs. Bieber 2014. This could perhaps be the biggest fight of our generation.

In the red corner, weighing 170 pounds with a sexy British accent and beautiful curly hair is Orlando Bloom. And in the blue corner, weighing 140 pounds with pretty face, a delightful voice, and a bad attitude is Justin Bieber.

In case you missed the most WTF news of the day, Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber at restaurant in Ibiza last night. And while there’s probably a lot of reasons why someone would want to punch Justin Bieber, everyone is still wondering what prompted Orlando Bloom to take a swing at the singer. Continuing with our boxing metaphor let’s look at the fight with rounds.

Round 1: The DISmissal
While at the party Bieber was at one table and Orlando was at another. Bieber went over to Orlando and tried shake his hand but Orlando refused.


Points to Team Bloom.

Round 2: The Low Blow
Orlando’s diss didn’t sit well with Justin which prompted Justin to taunt Orlando further. Sources say that Justin said “she was good” to Orlando. People claim that the “she” Justin is referring to is Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Justin and Miranda reportedly were friendly at the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show when Orlando and Miranda were still married. Really, Justin way to swing below the belt. It should also be known that Selena Gomez was spotted out with Orlando Bloom earlier this year.

giphy (1)

Points to Team Bieber, I guess.

Round 3: The Punch
Justin’s low comment was what caused Orlando to take a swing at him. In the video you can see Justin and Orlando arguing and Orlando swinging his arm at Justin but missing. In another video Justin reportedly says “What’s Up, B–ch” before quickly leaving the restaurant.

Points to Team Bloom, because after that comment who wouldn’t want to punch Justin.

Round 4: The Aftermath
Moments after the altercation, Justin posted a picture of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram, before quickly deleting it.



Ugh, it’s a petty move, but I guess Team Bieber gets some points.

And the winner is ….

Neither of them. Seriously this whole incident sounds like a high school fight gone bad. I’m surprised there wasn’t any bystanders yelling “fight, fight, fight.” Orlando whose 37, should really know better than to get into a fight with a 20 year old. And Justin, seriously needs to grow up. It’s surprising no one has tried to punch him before.

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