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Listen to the five biggest covers of Marvin’s Room

November 18th, 2011

This week, squeaky-clean teen pop singer Cody Simpson released his own cover of Drake’s Marvin’s Room, adding to the long list of artists who have put their own spin on the Take Care track.

While the song is one of the best we’ve ever heard from the Toronto MC, other artists have succeeded, and some have fallen short, in giving the gritty track their own sound. We’ve counted down the top five best covers of Marvin’s Room and while they’re great, it’s impossible to beat the original.

5. Lil Wayne
As Drake’s boss and CEO of of Cash Money Records, it’s a safe bet that Wayne is going to do justice to his protege’s song. He also does a whole lotta bedroom talk. This track is not for the kiddies! Out of the five Marvin’s Room covers this sounds the least like the original and therefore is my least favourite.

4. Chris Brown

Brown was apparently trying to out dirty-talk Wayne on his version of Drake’s Marvins Room. Unfortunately, Brown missed the spot when attempting to hit the magic in the lyrics that the original boasts.

3. Cody Simpson

If you can get passed the first 30 seconds of cheesieness from the telephone intro, then the rest is smooth sailing. Simpson rewrote Marvin’s Room to reflect his own life apart from the girl he loves, a smart move considering listening to the young teen sing about missing his ex while sitting in a bar is too much to swallow.

2. Teyana Taylor

While most of us first saw singer Teyana Taylor on her episode of My Super Sweet 16, Taylor is all grown up on her version of Marvin’s Room. Renaming the song Her Room, Teyana definitely makes the song her own, giving the track a heartbroken woman’s perspective.

1. Jojo

Two years ago most people remembered Jojo as the cute 13 year-old with the big voice on the huge track Leave (Get Out). But when the Boston native dropped her cover of Drake’s Houstelantavegas, the music world stood up and listened. While Jojo’s latest album is a solid disc, the singer is best when inspired by October’s Very Own.

Teyana Taylor

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