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Listen to the new album by Ra Ra Riot on First Spins

January 16th, 2013

Are you ready for a crazy real album review? It really begins as a story, so here goes: today I came into work kinda bummed. Wearing all black and with a sour face on, it didn’t matter if the sun was shining or if I had a cookie waiting for me. Nope, nothing could cure this Debbie Downer. I sat down and the first thing on my To Do list was to review Ra Ra Riot’s new LP, Beta Love. ‘Sweet,’ I thought to myself. ‘Yet another indie band that probably sounds like “X” or “Y” indie band.’

Guys. The second the first beat dropped on Dance With Me, I actually wanted to dance. I instantly started bobbing my head. I didn’t go as far as tap my toes (I don’t want to over-hype this record before you get a chance to listen to it) but I was pretty darn close. For Once made me think of a guy I used to like who was in a band and though he stuck me in the Friend Zone, this RRR track only made me think of the good times. That Much made me think about old theme songs for television shows I’d watch with my parents. Ones with well meaning cops and rascal kids from the wrong side of the tracks. Those kinds of shows. Man, this album is good.

Best Tracks: Dance With Me, For Once

The entire album is one big happy mashup with 2013 synths and am old school late eighties to early nineties sensibility. Listen to Ra Ra Riot’s LP Beta Love here on‘s First Spin section now.

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