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Listen to the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Soundtrack with a track by track guide!

November 22nd, 2011

Whether you’re a Twihard or are trying hard to avoid the new Twilight movie, one thing is undeniable – this film franchise boasts some of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Of course, the success of the Twilight soundtracks can easily be traced back to Music Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, and in honour of this amazing collection of music we have added the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Soundtrack to our First Spins section! Not only that, but we’ve given you a step-by-step guide to all 15 tracks. So yeah, we’re on team Twihard.

Listen to the Twilight Breaking Dawn- Part 1 Soundtrack in our First Spins section!

1. The Joy Formidable, Endtapes
The Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack starts off with an uptempo, but still haunting track from The Joy Formidable (this is Twilight, afterall). With Breaking Dawn Part 1 featuring the wedding scene and the (temporary) happiness from the announcement of Bella’s pregnancy, this is the least melancholy of all four films thus far.

2. Angus & Julia Stone, Love Will Take You
Brother and sister duo Angus and Julia Stone are a brilliant addition to the soundtrack. The film is all about the joining of two families, between Bella gaining brothers and sisters in the Cullens and Jacob joining forces with the Cullens to keep Bella safe. Love Will Take You is comprised of lyrics that both metaphorically and literally reflect Edward and Bella’s love, with Angus and Julia Stone singing “In this world the heart beats slow / In my arms let’s share the cold”, which of course relates to Edward’s non-beating heart and cold body temperature. Oh vampires!

3. Bruno Mars, It Will Rain
Each Twilight soundtrack features only a few mainstream artists, and thankfully for the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack this artist is the always-great Bruno Mars. Mars is one of the few artists who can literally sing the phone book and make it sound romantic, so pairing his unmatchable voice with his equally unmatchable romantic lyrics is as good as it gets.

4. Sleeping at Last, Turning Page
The theme of time has run through all four Twilight books and pops up twice on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack, first in Sleep At Last’s track Turning Page and later in Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. While this is undoubtedly a beautiful and poignant track for the film, the line “I surrender who I’ve been for who you are” sadly points out the biggest issue I have with the series – that protagonist Bella gives up everything for her vampire Edward, who gives up nothing. It’s 2011 y’all. Let’s compromise, mmmkay?

5. The Features, From Now On
Like Band of Skulls, Muse and Collective Soul on previous Twilight soundtracks, The Features provide the much-needed upbeat rock track that interjects some lighthearted listening into what is otherwise a heavy album.

6. Christina Perri, A Thousand Years
Saying Christina Perri is kinda a Twihard is like saying Kristen Stewart kinda plays with her hair a few times in each Twilight film. Perri is such a fan of the books that she tattooed the word ‘Bitten’ on her wrist using the font from the Twilight book series. Girlfriend does not play! Aside from loving the franchise, few artists today can write a song about love like Perri. She makes me cry in the best possible way.

7. Theophilus London, Neighbors
With Linkin Park (I’m counting them) and Lupe Fiasco, the Twilight soundtracks have been very light on the hip hop front. While Drake might be the first rapper to come to mind when thinking of an emotional lovesong from the genre, Theopilus’ track Neighbors is the perfect blend of flow and musicality to capture the ‘Twilight’ vibe.

8. The Belle Brigade, I Didn’t Mean It
The second brother-sister duo on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack, Barbara and Ethan Gruska didn’t write their tune specifically for the film, but when they were asked to submit music, I Didn’t Mean It and its theme of jealousy seemed like the perfect fit for the love triangle. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

9. Noisettes, Sister Rosetta (2011 Version)
A super fun track by a super fun band, the Noisettes are like a breath of fresh air that puts a hop in your step.

10. Cider Sky, Northern Lights
If you are like us and love Stars then you must, must check our Cider Sky. The electro-pop duo describe the meaning behind the song Norther Lights as “.. a love that could be…Or might not be.” (Via Cambio) Oh, poor, poor, Jacob. Not to worry. Your date with cupid and his imprinting arrow is only a few months away.

11. Iron & Wine, Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)
Twihards who have been pretending to drink blood since the beginning will recognize Flightless Bird as the song that played at the end of the first Twilight film when Bella and Edward danced at Prom…and Victoria lurked in the background. Muahahaha! Anywho, the song has been given a facelift and while I was skeptical that I’d like it as much as the original, I actually like it more. The softness of the violins adds a seamlessness to the track that the original was missing. Me likey.

12. Imperial Mammoth, Requiem on Water
Married couple Leonard Jackson and Laura Jane Scott, who make up Imperial Mammoth, create a simple, sweet love song for Edward and Bella. I can’t believe that it’s a coincidence that Music Supervisor Alexandra Patsavas chose so many female/male singing duos for the soundtrack, mostly because Patsavas is too talented to do anything by chance. The male and female relationship between Bella and Edward is so dominant in the film that having this reflected in the music makes the whole package cohesive and emotionally commanding.

13. Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz, Cold
Cold is the most on-point song lyrically in the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack. Singing of God, heaven and sin is like reading a page from Edward Cullen’s diary. The lyric “sing for the lion and lamb” is a direct interpretation of one of the most famous passages from Twilight, when Edward says “And so the lion fell in love with the lion”, referring to his relationship with Bella. What a stupid lamb.

14. Mia Maestro, Llovera
Mia Maestro is following in the footsteps of Robert Pattinson as a Twilight actor who also appears on the films soundtrack. In Part 1 and 2, Mia plays Carmen Denali, a vampire belonging to the Denali clan. Here’s to hoping we’ll hear from Mia again on the Part 2 soundtrack!

15. Carter Burwell, Love Death Rebirth
Returning again to where it all started, Carter Burwell makes a repeat appearance after penning the beautiful and haunting Bella’s Lullaby for the first Twilight film. In New Moon, Alexandre Desplat crafted the mesmerizing track The Meadow, building off Bella’s Lullaby. The tradition continued in Eclipse with Howard Shore’s breathtaking track, Jacob’s Theme. Now Burwell is coming full circle with Love Death Rebirth, aptly titled for the three main themes in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

What’s your favourite track from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Soundtrack?

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