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Live blogging the Juno’s!

April 18th, 2010

Juno 2010

The 2010 Juno’s may be the award show’s most epic evah! Bieber? Check! Drake? Check! Metric? Check! Classified? Check! This year has been amazeballs for Canadian music and the Juno’s are doing big ‘tings in Newfoundland tonight! We’re going to be live blogging the awards for you tonight right hurre on the MuchMusic Red Hot Blog!

Let’s do this! Three, two, one…Trois, deux, une!

MuchMusic offish has the coolest red carpet coverage. Fans asking the questions on the red carpet? Um, yes please!

Update 1: Classified just killed it on the streets of St John’s! Opening act and the Juno’s have already rocked harder than any awards ceremony I’ve seen in the last year. Did y’all like the J Biebs and Billy Talent shout outs that Class added? Oh Canada!


Update 2: Deadmau5 totally just photo bombed Michael Buble’s performance with his giant mouse head! I’m sure Buble didn’t mind. Did you see Buble walk in with his fiancee on the red carpet? He’s gotta be a happy man! (Note: She’s also in his music video for ‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet’)

Update 3: Fun fact – the Barenaked Ladies just reminded us that Newfoundland hosted the Juno’s in 2002. Good to know!

Update 4: First upset of the night! Michael Buble beat out Drake for Single Of The Year! Whaa??? Buble seems really moved by the award…aw schucks, good for him! Seems like a swell guy.


Update 5: Wut up gurl! Leah Miller is announcing Bieber right now!

Update 6: Have y’all stopped screaming yet? I’M SCREAMING WHILE I TYPE THIS! Bieber and Drake on stage together! Hawtness/music awesomeness overload! I’m surprised that Bieber did a slow version of Baby. Would have liked to see him do the dance routine from last week on SNL – but Drake totally made up for the no dancing.




Update 7: Metric just won Group of the Year! Emily Haines is such a rockstar! Love the silver dress – werk the shoulder gurl!


Update 8: Um….I don’t wanna hate or anything, but the girl that won the Pepsi Challenge just showed up Danny Fernandes. Homeslice needs glasses or something. He so far holds the trophy for Awkward Moment of the Night for both of those ten second pauses during his 20 seconds of speaking.

Update 9: It’s about to get loud in hurre! Billy Talent is on stage right now performing Saint Veronica! Big up’s to the guys for winning Rock Album of the Year!


Update 10: K’Naan is on stage right now talking about Bryan Adam’s charity work. I had nooooo idea Adam’s had done so much for a variety of charities. What an amazing man!

It’s so fitting that K’Naan is introducing this special footage on Adam’s. IMHO K’Naan’s ‘Wavin’ Flag’ is the best charity song of all time. Of all time!

Update 11: Dallas Green is uber excited to be presenting with Lights.


Update 12: Dahmnait Doyle totally just rubbed Olympic Gold Winner Jon Montgomery’s chest. I guess she’s seen the topless pic of Montgomery holding the Canadian Flag. Giggity!

Update 13: Great Lake Swimmers are chilling everyone out with their beautiful song ‘Pulling On a Line.’ Why does everything sound better with a fiddle?

Update 14: The one we’ve all been waiting for! Drake beat out Justin Bieber for New Artist of the Year and it looks like no one was happier for him than Biebs. Aw, bromance! Drake thanked his mom (cute), his friends (cute) and Justin Bieber (cute)! Go Drizzy!


Update 15: Metric just woke the crowd up with their hit ‘Gimme Sympathy.’ For the record, I’d rather be The Beatles.


Update 16: April Wine (ask your parents) is being inducted into the Canadian Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. April Wine was the first Canadian band to ever been on MTV. Pretty impressive, eh?

Update 17: Drizzy is performing his latest single ‘Over.’ Competition for best rapper in the game? Over. Get ‘em, Drake!



Update 18: Drake won! Drake won! Best Rap Recording of the Year went to Drizzy. During his acceptance speech the Young Money rapper said that whenever he’s in the US he’s hyping up Canadian music, especially hip hop artists like Classified and K’Naan. Jimmy Brooks – we lurve ya!

Update 19: Runner up for Most Awkward Moment of the Night. How did Olympic Gold Medalist Alexandre Bilodeau mess up Michael Buble’s name? He’s French!

Update 20: K’Naan brought his supa fly posse of Nikki Yanofsky, Justin Bieber, Drake, and every other artist in the building onto the stage to close out the show with ‘Wavin’ Flag.’ Best. Juno’s. Evah.





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