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Live Blogging The, Uh, End Of The Grammys

February 8th, 2006

11:29pm: Group of artists past their prime perform tribute piece to New Orleans. People in audience seem impressed by the number of singers out-whoaaa-ohh-ohhing each other.

The end. Whoo, that was hard work.

Seriously though, here’s the biggest questions on my mind:

1. What is Kanye really thinking?
2. How does U2 win for Best Album of the Year? For real? Oh, yeah. Most of the people who vote don’t actually listen to everything on the nominations list.
3. If Destiny’s Child broke up, why do they still wear similar outfits?
4. Green Day is iconic and all, but who says they shoulda won Song of the Year over Kanye, Mariah or even Gwen Stefani? Outrage!
5. Did Sly Stone actually do anything when he came on stage for the end of that 5 hour tribute performance? Is it still happening? I like how he just left and then all the artists kind of stood around dancing and humming for 2 more minutes.
6.. You go, John Legend. Cute little thing. I remember when he was but a wee lad 2.5 years ago, playing keyboard at Kanye’s MMVA performance and nobody knew who he was.

Hey, and remember that time U2 won for Record of the Year (different category than mentioned above but still – REALLY?) and they played Mariah over the loud speakers? That was hilarious.

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