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Live Earth T.O.: Liam From Cancer Bats Sounds Off!

July 7th, 2007


This guest entry brought to you by Liam from Toronto punkers Cancer Bats…

Hey what’s up my name’s Liam and I sing in a punk band called Cancer Bats from Toronto.

[After appearing on the CTV Live Earth broadcast tonight] I was asked to write something real quick about what I think of Live Earth – and to tell the truth, just me being asked to be on this program has made me really think about what I’m doing in my daily life to help the environment and what we can do as a band.

[Before our segment tonight] I was talking with Wade from the Rock N Roll sensations Alexisonfire and he and I were both talking about what our bands can do, even though the nature of touring is using gas every single day. We burn through fuel in order to travel all over the world to play shows – there’s really no way around that. What we both came up with was the idea of learning more about the companies that we buy gas from and the companies that make the vans we drive and finding out which companies and corporations actualy care about the environment.

Then, [we follow] it up by supporting only those companies that we feel are trying to make a difference and the ones that we know actually care. Everyone can get on the internet and do some research and find out more about the things we use on a daily basis. So there are no excuses for anyone reading this. Take the time, get yer Google on and make some good choices with your dollars!

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