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Liz Does Lolla: Day 1 includes technical difficulties, dancing and Cults

August 6th, 2011

Today was a rather crazy day. Starting off the day with a broken microphone cord sucked, but Kyle’s friend from Chicago came to the rescue by running to the nearest electronics store and buy a new one. Did I mention we got the cord exactly three minutes before our interview with Cults? Yeah… LUCKY

Regardless, it was a delightful interview and soon after I chatted with my old friend Skrillex who was the most grateful and genuine guy to hang with. Apart from the technical difficulties, sticky body heat and sore feet from walking the mile between stages it’s been a wicked first day!!!

Things I’ve learned today:
-girls who wear bikini tops should not jump around to the music #wardrobemalfunction
-pee at the beginning of the day
-don’t ask the hipster looking dude what band he plays in #hedoesntplayinone
-bring bug spray
-don’t forget your running shoes. The 45 min cab ride back to the hotel sucks
-stock up on free food in the media tent before venturing into the park. Food lines can be UGLY
-if ever in need of a dance break, head to Perry’s stage. People are crazy in that place.

Our wristbands are not only sparkly, but they also have a chip in them to admit you into and out of the park. Technology, you really fascinate me!

Now I am off to the after party at the Hard Rock Hotel. I will be sure to let you know how it goes!


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