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Liz Online Ep. 12: Take a chance with Greyson Chance

October 20th, 2010

Hello my loves!

I’ll be honest. When I first found out about my interview with Greyson Chance I immediately thought, “Oh, that kid from Ellen on YouTube?” After doing some research on him I was curious to find out more on who Greyson Chance really is and not just what I can find on YouTube. After meeting him I immediately thought, “Holy crap, this kid is so polite and mature for his age. Are you sure he is not 30?” But nope, he was born in 1997. I mean, I don’t know how I would act if I was taken out of the 6th grade and put onto a pedestal, surrounded by people like Ellen, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc.

One of the best things about Greyson is his ambition. He is a wide-eyed boy with big dreams and it is going take some big road blocks to stop him from succeeding. Meeting Greyson was extremely refreshing because here he is, a 13 year-old boy that doesn’t want to become famous for singing songs about lollipops and puppies. Instead, he wants to become famous in order to share his talent with the world, write songs with meaning, create something intriguing for his audience, and most of all have fun doing it all.

Before and after the interview we talked about normal stuff like old friends. He wasn’t too caught up in the hype and he was extremely grateful to have the chance to come to Canada.

On a side note: I met up with him the day after this first interview for WeDay where he performed. He ran up to me with arms open for a hug, yelling my name. At that point I realized, “Whoa okay, so this 13 year-old is a kid and carries his personable approach at everything he does. And, if he’s not personable, I bet it is because he is scared or nervous.”

There is one thing for sure; Greyson Chance was not discovered by chance, but by fate. He was meant to do what he loves the most and that is music.

So here’s to hoping he stays grounded and polite and wishing him a bright, successful future.



The song that started it all: Lady Gaga – Paparazzi (Cover by Greyson Chance)

Greyson Chance – Broken Hearts
Greyson Chance- Stars
Greyson’s Myspace

Check out the interview!

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