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Liz Online Ep. 23: Liz pulls Jessie J out of a pot

November 30th, 2010

Hello My Bloggeroonies!

Today’s show was a blast because I am just thrilled about the artists I get to talk about (not that I ever talk about stuff I don’t like because I’m an optimist and want to bring you loveeeeee not hate)! Let’s get to it.

Jessie J

So remember a few episodes back when I mentioned my friend who lives in LA is mega awesome for keeping me “in the know” on cool artists she finds and vice versa? Her name is Amanda and Jessie J is a prime example of someone she got me hooked on. Another friend introduced me to her YouTube with this video.

But then Amanda sent me her new video for Do it Like a Dude. Immediately I was hooked and had to know everything about her. This where my new music obsessive self sets in:

1) I hear the artist and fall in love.
2) Must know everything about them.
3) Tell all my friends and co-workers who she is and drown their ears with the info I have taken in.
4) Pass it along to all of you.

Some of my co-workers roll their eyes and are like “here she goes”, but for real, I just get really excited like a kid in a toy store when I hear a sweet new artist. It’s like Christmas to my ears.

Go to Jessie J’s website, MySpace and any other site involving her. Study up on her because she’s going to be huge!

Side note: Jessie J just appeared on Jools Holland with her other track Price Tag with smashing style and powerfully pristine voice.

No Joy!

…more like All Joy. Jasmine and Laura create the type of music that makes me want to lie in a field on a summer day, close my eyes and listen. I have enjoyed the sounds of Azure Ray since the beginning of first year university and for some reason their sound has helped me re-visit that mellow, ambient female songstress(es) sound. I would also throw them on a mixtape including artists like the XX, Beach House, Wavves, Best Coast, Joanna Newsom etc.

Check their MySpace out for tour dates near you, samples of their sound and entry into most the world of No Joy. Check out their video for Hawaii below!

No Joy – Hawaii from Salazar on Vimeo.


My friend Kevin introduced me to these San Diegans this summer and if you think The Drums or Vampire Weekend scream beach hangs with your friends then you need to listen to these boys of Wavves. This band screams SUMMER for me and as the cold creeps into our chilly city of Toronto, I highly enjoy listening to them. Check their MySpace!

That’s all for now! Check ya later darlings.


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