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Liz Online Ep. 31: Liz picks her top videos for 2010 from weird, to weirder to WTF?

December 29th, 2010

There were wayyyyy more videos where these ones come from so here you go! More of my favourite videos from 2010! (I’ve probably missed out on some but boy, these ones are real gems). Happy watching my loves!

DeloreanReal Love: The video isn’t epic but it has a ton of dogs running on the beach and every time I watch it I crave summer evenings by the beach. If you like Passion Pit, MGMT, that kinda vibe, you’ll dig Delorean.

Willow SmithWhip My Hair: I remember waiting patiently for a whole day, praying that someone would leak the video from the 9 year-old herself. Yeah… totally cray cray, just like this video. I’m gonna go dip my hair in paint now.

Florence and the Machine- Dog Days Are Over: ….self explanatory.

Foals- Spanish Sahara: Beautiful song with a beautiful and dark video to add to it. The song gives me goose bumps and the video adds to those goose bumps by being icy and cold. The four minute mark in this song is epic. *Thanks to my pal Mitch for bringing me to this show earlier this year!

Interpol- Lights: This video has the same vibe as one of my all time fav’s, Bjork All is full of Love (by Chris Cunningham). It’s eerie vibe and haunting music reinforces my love for Interpol’s dark sound.

Marina + the DiamondsShampain: ABBA! This song totally reminds me of ABBA. This video is like a new age, Thriller-esk, hipster edition featuring girls waking up from a rough night of partying but having the time of their life on a zombie walk. I heart Marina and all of her diamonds.

Oh Land- Sun of a Gun: Personal fav of 2010. Can’t get enough of the song and her simple (but visually appealing) video for Sun of a Gun makes me want to prance around my bedroom in my underwear… TMI, sorry!

Marina + the Diamonds- I am not a Robot: My favourite song by her and the make-up in this video is totally awesome.

3OH!3- Double Vision: Originality wins. This video is like Inception but instead of a dream within a dream, it’s the internet on the internet. Plus the songs totally catchy which is a double win.

Kid Cudi f. Kanye WestErase Me: Love the tune, but this is a case where the video enhances my audio pleasure. McLovin + Kanye + Jimi Hendrix apparel… I’m in!

And… Pursuit of Happiness: The video isn’t anything crazy original, but I wish I was invited to that party. A) it’s Cudi and b) Drake’s there and c) everyone is having fun.

Adele- Rolling in the Deep: If you’re going through a break up… listen to this powerhouse of a song. Gives me chills every time… just like every other song by Adele.

Sia- Clap Your Hands: Not a huge fan of the song, but the video deserves a view for it’s creative puppet show. I feel like I’m watching something from the 80’s, but in a good way.

Ill Scarlett feat Kardinal Offishall- Milkshakes & Razorblades: Look at that cute girl on the bike! Super cute ;). Filmed in the streets of Toronto, this creative video was filmed backwards and then was played back, in reverse. Just watch, you’ll understand what I mean. Great job, boys!

Local Natives- World News: When in doubt, throw a kid in your video. Not only does this song scream summer for me, the video is great and reminds me of the Royal Tenebaums

Eminem Feat. Rihanna- Love the way you lie: Megan Fox? Hottie! Oh, and the song is awesome as well. Rihanna redeemed herself with this one after Rated R… not the biggest fan of that album.

Big Boi f. CuttyShutterbugg: Pre Tron, this video and song I dig hard. Not to mention it reminds me of the good ol’ days of OutKast. I want that car.

Hot ChipFeel Better: Boy bands + creepy Jesus looking characters + catchy tune = solid win for Hot Chip! Hilarious!

Kanye West f. Pusha T- Runaway: The year of the ballerina has arrived. Especially with this bad boy! Kanye, you’ve done it again.

Magneta Lane- Lady Bones: Honoring the Day of the Dead is pretty epic. This video was filmed in Detroit, Michigan and as dark as that city can be, these girls add more haunting to it. The director, Michael Maxxis, also directed Jay Malinowski’s There’s a Light. Pretty solid director if I do say so.

Janelle Monáe f. Big Boi- Tight Rope: Well dressed, great tune and WICKED dance sequence. Oh and Big Boi adds a pretty addition to the video.

Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce -Telephone

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