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Long Live Speidi, Bauer & The Island

May 4th, 2010

Farewell to three shows that rocked our world!!

It’s the end of an era as we say a final farewell to three shows with an ensemble cast, intense plots, and characters we loved and hated – these are shows that defined a generation and changed the way we looked at TV:

Young Socialite Life: Six seasons of The Hills (Final Season premiered April 27, 2010)
The show that completely reinvented MTV, it showcased a mix of both reality television and teenaged-angst. It was Gossip Girl before Gossip Girls, It was Sex and the City: 20-year-olds. A spin-off of Laguna Beach, and spawning The City, the show followed the young ambitious blonde Lauren Conrad and her frenemies as they figured out love, friendship, working life, living on their own, the fashion world, money, and being rich and fabulous young women in New York City. It was a reality show without contests, it was scripted lines by actors, not writers, and their lives played out the same way on the show as in the tabloids.

Conspiracy Theorists: Six seasons of Lost (Finale Airs May 23)
This was not your father’s Gilligan’s island. A show about a group of survivors stranded on a remote island, this show mixed science fiction and action to form the perfect drama-thriller. It built its own mythology and mystery as the seasons went on (much like Heroes, Flash Forward, and Daybreak afterwards) that made viewers tune in to find out more about a mysterious monster, or The Others, or the Dharma Initiative. The show brought out the conspiracy theorist in all of us as we raced to figure out the mystery of the island in virtual communities and message boards.

Action-Packed Terrorist Drama: Eight days of 24 (Finale Airs May 24)
Jack Bauer got results. In a post 9/11 world, we saw how the government solved its problems through torture, murder, betrayal and conspiracies. Jack Bauer became James Bond for the new century – high tech gadgets, his favourite girl Chloe O’Brien, lots of lady loves (Terri, Nina, Audrey, Renee), and explosion after explosion after explosion. The shows foreshadowed America’s first Black President, its first Female President, and tackled every threat known-to-man: Terrorists, assassins, bombings, biological warfare, moles, even the U.S. President was a villain in season five.

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