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LOST: 3 Blackberries Full of Drake Lyrics

June 8th, 2009


Wanna transform yourself into the hottest new rapper of the year? Then keep your eyes peeled for one of three Blackberries filled with Drake lyrics. The Toronto rapper, who’s not ashamed to recite lyrics off his handheld device when needed, admitted to MuchMusic that he’s lost numerous Blackberries filled with lyrical gems.

“Yeah, I’ve lost a lot of great stuff…I’ve lost it three times before,” he says with a laugh. “I lose all my songs. But if I backed it up and I was responsible, I wouldn’t. But I just don’t think to back it up.”

Mexico might be a good place to start looking since Drake revealed in “Say What’s Real” that a blackberry went missing there. “Lost some of my hottest versus down at Cabo / So if you find a Blackberry with the sides scroll / Sell that m*thaf**** to any rapper that I know / Cause they need it much more than I ever will.”

While some may suggest he start using the more traditional pad and pen combo, Drake hasn’t considered making the switch. “It’s just my comfort zone. I get an idea and it’s like boom, I can just write it in my phone and look at it later and touch it up and elaborate on it. It’s just a way to store, it’s always on me, until I lose it,” he chuckles.

Who knows if Drake will be writing more lyrics on his Blackberry this week since he’s busy shooting the video for “Best I Ever Had” in New York. Word on the streets is he’s got a director with loads of artistic vision behind the lens. Opps, I think we’ve said too much.

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