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LOST Episode 6-7 Recap: “Recon”

March 19th, 2010


Here’s your LOST theorecap (theory-recap, get it?) for this week! This Sawyer-centric episode is strangely full of baseball metaphors! Okay, fine, it’s got two or three. So without further ado, batter up!

This episode totally came out of left-field, in every possible respect! Cuts to Sideways-LA reveal that, somehow, Sawyer is a cop! Who saw that coming? And Miles as his cop-partner? I wonder who the bad cop is. I’m sure the internets will be a-buzz in coming weeks with Miles/Sawyer Buddy-Cop Fanfiction (possibly they will try to bust Charlie for drug-smuggling and posession?).

Anyway, Miles (he’s probably the good cop) is trying to set Sawyer up on a date. And while EVERYONE is thinking that it’s either going to be Juliet or Kate, SURPRISE! It’s Charlotte! Yes, dying-from-time-travel-sickness love-of-Daniel-Faraday’s-life Charlotte. Pretty sure nobody expected the two of them to end up getting it on. But then, we also didn’t expect Charlotte to find a folder of Real-Sawyer-killed-my-parents info in Sawyer’s cupboard, and for him to kick her out of his house (at 3am) because of it.

When Miles confronts Sawyer The next day at the station, I thought for sure it was because of Charlotte, but it turns out Miles is just upset because Sawyer doesn’t trust him. Then Miles storms out like a five year old, and says he doesn’t want to be Sawyer’s partner anymore. Sawyer, upset, goes home and watches Little House on the Prairie, and later tries to get back on Charlotte’s good side, but she closes the door in his face.

Finally, probably because he’s lonely (don’t worry Sawyer, I’d hug you!), Sawyer tracks down Miles in his car, and tells Miles to come for a ride with him. But just as Miles gets into the car, the vehicle gets sideswiped by another car! Miles and Sawyer give chase, and pin down the fleeing driver – who, by the way, is Kate. Sawyer’s recognition of her (from the airport? Or…?) is all we get of Sideways-LA in this episode.

Meanwhile, Island-Timeline throws just as many curveballs our way. Smokey the Flocke-ness monster sends Sawyer on a cross-island expedition to find more of Jacob’s bodyguards, because Sawyer is “the best liar I know”. Flocke also breaks up a fight between Claire and Kate, because Claire has decided to kill Kate for stealing Aaron. (And, in the creepiest moment of the episode, Sayid just sits there and watches). Flocke seriously bitch-slaps Claire, and then tries to have bonding-time with Kate. But she gets weirded out. No offense, I would too.

Over on Hydra Island, the dudes turn out to be Widmore’s guys instead, and they capture Sawyer, who may be a great liar, but is about as stealthy as a polar bear. They take him to the Submarine, where good old Sawyer dishes on Smokey to Widmore (whose side is this guy on anyway? Jacobs? His own? Eloise Hawkings?), telling him the complete truth. Then he goes back to Smokey and dishes on Widmore. By the time he gets back to camp, Sawyer has double-dealt so much that he’s assured his safety no matter whose side he picks in the end! Clever!

The episode ends with Sawyer and Kate together by the fire, where Sawyer recounts his day’s adventures to her, and tells her they are getting off the island together. The look on Kate’s face was pretty much echoed by fan girls and boys EVERYWHERE. Yes.

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