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Love Bites: The Hottest Hook-ups On TVD!

December 18th, 2010

Mystic Falls: The only thing mystical about it is how these humans, witches, vampires, and werewolves all manage to keep their clothes on. Sexual tension be damned! Hearts are pumping and eyes are doing their “sexy-eye-thing” and we can’t wait until certain characters finally rip their clothes off and say “let’s do it”.

So which couples are you jonesing for the most? With a large cast and multiple storylines all happening at once, there’s way to many choices. Take a look at which couples we’ve paired up and why they work AND why they don’t!

WRAP WRAP WRAP WRAP IT UP! The countdown to 2011 is ON! Check out more on Holiday Wrap:

Dynamite, grenades and dog days: Find out who was cooler than the rest in 2010!

Biggest Collaborations of 2010!

WHAT!?! Take These In: Top WTF Moments @ 2010 MTV VMAs

Baby, It’s Hot Outisde! The Top O-M-G Moments @ 2010 MMVAs!

Santa’s Naughty List…

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