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XOXO: Love’em or Hate’em – Blair & Chuck

September 21st, 2010

Season Four has just begun and already its dripping with the juiciest lies ever! If you missed an episode (you need to watch and re-watch those those Paris moments!) you can watch it online right HERE. The biggest question of the season is: Should Chuck and Blair get back together?

As Vanessa Abrams once put it their relationship is a “murder/suicide waiting to happen.” Do you think Chuck and Blair are destined to be together? Or are they destined to kill each other before they’re 25?

There’s a bunch of peeps out voting Team Blair & Chuck (celebrity couple name anyone? Bluck? Chair? Can you do better?). On the flipside some fans are convinced they are totally toxic for each other and they can do better.

What do you think? Which outcome are you rooting for? The premiere has them both in the city of love (can’t you just taste the romance?). Blair is turned down her prince to save the man who chased her out of Manhattan. Chuck is back in the land of the living with a new blonde bombshell to boot.

Let’s see where the broken road of money, lies and sex have taken our tragic star-cross’d lovers:

Season One: Almost Doesn’t Count!

Blair Waldorf was dating Nate Archibald
• Chuck forces himself on Serena van der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey
• After Nate kept refusing her because he didn’t love her, they broke up and she slept with his best friend Chuck Bass
• Nate got back together with Blair (not because he loved her but for his father)
• Chuck blackmailed Blair to break up with Nate but the truth came out and Nate cut them both off
• They were supposed to go away to Europe for the summer but Chuck ditched her to be his playboy self

Season Two: It’s About Freaking Time!

Blair returned with a new boyfriend but that was only to make Chuck jealous
• Blair got back together with Nate only to realize they were always going to be friends and realized she loved Chuck
• When she confronted him, he said it was better to play a game than to be a couple
• After spending all season long avoiding the truth Blair finally tells Chuck she loves him but he ends up falling into a depression and turns her away after his father dies
• Blair in her own depression sleeps with James Bass, his uncle
• Chuck sleeps with Vanessa Abrams, Nate’s ex
• After realizing he was going to lose her for good he finally tells Blair he loves her and they are officially a couple

Season Three: How Many Times Can You Break The Same Heart?

After playing mind games with each other (because they are afraid of being a normal couple) they become a normal couple
• Blair helps him reach out to his mother while Chuck helps her adjust to NYU
• Blair betrays Chuck by pimping him out to her advisor at uni (to which she learns Chuck has kissed other guys before)
• A surprising twist of events lands Chuck’s hotel into the hands of James Bass and the only way to get it back is to give him Blair for a night
• Blair also decides to give into James but doesn’t let Chuck know
• They break up because Blair learns that even if she hadn’t done what she did Chuck was going to pimp her out anyways
• After a couple of schemes they realize they belong together and agree to make it official on top of the Empire State Building
• Blair’s loyal maid Dorota goes into labour and keeps her from meeting Chuck
• Chuck, thinking Blair is done with him, gets drunk and sleeps with Blair’s rival Jenny
• Blair explains herself and Chuck is ready to propose when Dan Humphrey attacks Chuck for what he did, forcing the truth to come out and leave Blair heartbroken
• Blair leaves for Paris with Serena while Chuck goes to Prague to drink his sorrows away
• While in Prague he is mugged, shot, and left in an alley to die.

Season Four: All The Kings Horses and All The Kings Men…Couldn’t Put Blair And Chuck Together Again!

Blair is still heartbroken over Chuck and cannot land a date or a boyfriend or a social life for that matter – she hopes her new year at Columbia will change this
• Chuck’s body washed up in Paris and he was nursed back to health by a beautiful blond woman. His near-death experience showed him all the bad things he’s ever done in his life and he’s decided he’s Chuck Bass no more and adopts the name Henry
• Blair convinces him to come back to NY and tells him he’s still a part of her world (even though she doesn’t love him anymore)

What do you think? Should they get together and have Chuck finally pop the question? Or should Blair move on and find someone else who can make her happy without all the games?

What’s in store for season four?

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