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Mad World and more musical inspirations from Orphan Black 205

May 21st, 2014

Playlist 205

This week’s episode of Orphan Black included an almost clone-on-clone assassination and one of the most gruesome punishments we’ve seen from the Proleatheans. With every moment full of terrifying turns, we put together a playlist inspired by Episode 205 – Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est.

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The Monster, Eminen Feat. Rihanna

Sarah spent much of Season 1 in fear of Helena, wishing her twin clone dead. But with every episode in Season 2, it seems that Sarah’s fear and loathing of Helena is softening, seeing instead of a monster, someone that has been brutalized her entire life.

Guess I’m Doing Fine, Beck

Cosima has been putting on a brave face in light of her diagnosis, pretending to be okay in front of Cosima and not even telling Sarah. In reality, her mortality is looming and though Lekkie is offering treatment, as a scientist, Cosima knows her chances of survival are low.

Family Jewels, Marina and the Diamonds

Gracie has disgraced her family by allowing Helena to escape and lying about the events that transpired between the two. She is straying from the beliefs her family has instilled, and her gruesome punishment is having her lips sewn shut.

Mad World, Gary Jules

The first line of this song really resonates with Paul’s situation. “All around me are familiar faces” is so true, with Paul constantly being pulled between clones, first as Beth’s mentor, then Sarah’s lover, and now Rachel’s slave. We just wish we could figure out where his allegiance lies, but I don’t think even Paul knows for sure.

What You Gonna Do, Plan B

Felix has become imbedded in Sarah’s mess with the Dyad to the point where he is now being framed for murder unless Sarah hands over Helena and Kira. The fear of life in prison is looming, and what he really wants to know is whether Sarah will save him or herself.

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