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Major Changes on So You Think You Can Dance!

March 30th, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

The US version of So You Think You Can Dance is going to look a whole lot different when it returns for its seventh season. In an attempt to spice up the dance talent show, producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe (dude who’s prolly deaf from sitting next to Mary Murphy each season) has released the following deets:

Check out the deets after the jump!

* One contestant (instead of two) goes home each week!
* Dancing partners change every week!
* No top 20!
* Less than four dancers will compete in the season finale!
* The top ten dancers will be partnered with past contestants!

Wha-za? This is straight up crazy. Some changes I likey, some not so much, some I just don’t get. How will there be no top 20? Will the show jump from the Vegas group to the top 10 – which would explain why only one dancer goes home each week, instead of two? Press-urrrre!

The finale having less than four dancers isn’t a huge biggie. It’s always two hours, which means they’ve put two episodes together. I’m cool with dat. Seems more exciting with less dancers.

I don’t know how I feel about the dance pad’ners changing every week. Some of the pairings are as awkward as a grade eight dance and others are smooth like buttah. I’m on the fence with this decision.

Finally, the return of past dancers. I. Like. This. I always wonder what happens to the dancers that we don’t still see on TV (Travis still choreographs for SYTYCD, Lacey was on Dancing With The Stars, etc.). It’ll be interesting to see who is back on the show.

Not everything is going to be different on the show. Cat Deely is reported to be returning to fulfill her two jobs, which are hosting SYTYCD and being world’s tallest woman.

But, the BIG question that we all really care about -or aboot, in this case – is will these changes happen on So You Think You Can Dance Canada? One thing that is a guarantee: Mary Murphy will continue to scare young children and dogs with her screams.

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