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Marianas Trench: The Earthbound Angels

February 27th, 2009


[Ed note: Meagan won our Marianas Correspondent contest – and as you can see from her amazing review, it was well-deserved! Thanks to everyone who entered – we had tons of worthy entrants!]

On February 25, 2009, I had a great revelation. A notion struck my heart around mid-day, and was steadily solidified as the day continued. My great revelation, my epiphany, if you will, was this: I must have been very, very good in some past life. By some immense streak of luck, or karma, or preference from God, I was selected to be the Marianas Trench Correspondent for, thus making me the most radiantly happy entity in the universe…by a long shot.

The title that I was granted entailed a free spot at the band’s seven set mini-concert, to be held at the downtown Toronto location of Boathouse, as well as a meet and greet with the band, and a picture of myself surrounded by Josh, Matt, Mike and Ian to prove that the whole experience was more than a spectacular dream. Needless to say, when I arrived on location on Wednesday I was already excited to the point of hyperventilation, but my enthusiasm heightened about 10 fold when I saw that first flash of blue hair cruising by the store’s rack of sunglasses. Josh Ramsay, the legendary ‘blue bear,’ in the flesh, right there in the middle of the store followed shortly by the three other members of Marianas Trench. I was very close to death.

From this initial moment in time, onwards, much of the night’s events became a big blur of excitement and awe, but luckily enough (returning to my epiphany) I managed to stay competent for the most important, amazing parts. I can still feel the MT guitar pick slyly slipped into my hand as I fervently shook Mike’s hand, and I can still feel my euphoria (I sincerely doubt that will fade any time soon) as we all gathered together for a memento shot. After our meet and greet, it was another hour before the band was to return to the store to perform. The time was made less agonizingly unbearable through the enticing offers and discounts that Boathouse offered during the men’s absence. Dozens upon dozens of girls went on excited shopping sprees, anxiously awaiting the band’s performance.


Still, when the announcement came that Marianas Trench would be back shortly, the anticipation was tangible. My heart just kept beating faster and faster, and soon my body just couldn’t handle it’s frantic thumping. It was an unfortunate event, but mine might be the first recorded incident of death by happiness, and it was Marianas Trench induced. Fortunately, however, my revelation was made still more concrete, as my spirit drifted up into the heavens, and I was greeted at the pearly white gates by four beautiful, glorious angels. As I got ever closer to the gate I began to hear them, making their spectacular, soaring harmonies, caressing my eardrums, my heart soaring in sync to their music. As I got closer still to the reality of the situation, I began to really listen to the music they were making, hearing the words and the melodies, identifying their instruments as guitars and basses, and (ever so manly) tambourines, as opposed to the traditional harps. A moment later I was able to recognize the familiarity of the songs and the magnificent voices and lyrics, and after that it hit me like a ton of bricks. That’s right ladies and gentleman…they know Marianas Trench in heaven! And the new album, nonetheless!

The show was spectacular to say the least, and the songs were given brand new meaning performed live by these stunning cherubs. After the show, more amazing still, I got the entire angelic foursome to sign the compilation of their music, not to mention a couple of high-fives from the performers.

And then it was over, and I was back on earth. I could still feel the angels, hear their stunningly radiant voices still lingering in the depths of my ears, feel the joy constricting my chest, reducing me to single syllable words, and, of course, I held in my sweaty little palms my very own copy of the angel music.
Right now, I am still debating whether I’m dreaming or if, by some miracle, the whole thing actually happened. Either way, I don’t think I will be willingly woken up from this state for a very, long time, because even as a dream, this experience was one of the most spectacular of my life.

In closing, I’d like to urge everyone to check out Marianas Trench’s brand new CD, Masterpiece Theatre, as well as the band themselves. Their addictive, energetic rock will echo in your head for days, and their angelic melodies leave you craving more. They are the closet things to angels that I have ever met, or heard for that matter, and I am positive that if you give ant one of their songs a listen, you will be as convinced as I am, angels do walk the earth.


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